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Is Growing Weed From Home All That It’s Cracked Up to Be?


Many countries around the world are starting to let their citizens cultivate home-grown weed for personal use. Take Canada as an example; growing up to 4 plants from home officially became legal in most of the provinces as soon as the Cannabis Act was passed in October of 2018.

Even the Canadian government didn’t realize just how many citizens would take advantage of this new law, but now people are growing weed from home just as they would tomatoes in their backyards. Many of them are succeeding, but on the flip side, many are quickly realizing that it’s not for them.

So the real question is this – Is growing weed from home all that it’s cracked up to be?

The Benefits of Growing Your Own Cannabis Plants

It’s undeniable that there are tons of benefits to growing your own weed. No more inconvenient trips to the dispensary and no more paying for overpriced, low-quality bud. These are the main reasons that so many people are testing out their green thumbs, but they’re not the only ones.

Benefit #1: It’s Legal (In Many Places)

The fact that it’s legal is the thing that sparks interest in people, even those who were never interested in growing weed at home before. Throughout nearly all of Canada and many parts of the US, individuals are now legally able to grow from home, and this is a pretty big deal.

Of course, there are a lot of restrictions and regulations set in place for home-grown cannabis, like the fact that in Canada the maximum plant count per household is just 4 plants. But in many places, there are ways to get around these restrictions.

For instance, instead of growing 4 plants recreationally, Canadians can apply for a medical license through the ACMPR and grow hundreds of plants. And the process is pretty easy; just visit https://www.cannabisgrowingcanada.com/acmpr-license-grow-marijuana-canada/ to learn about the ACMPR license to grow.

Benefit #2: Complete Control

Some cannabis users like the idea of having complete control of the growing process. When you have an at-home grow op, YOU are the master cultivator, and you don’t rely on anyone else to produce your products. This means you get to choose the strains you want to smoke, and it allows you to get creative with the growing process.

If you want to grow organic weed, go for it. If you’re interested in hydroponics, why not? This is your time to shine and take complete control. This is especially beneficial for medical marijuana users who use cannabis for treatment. With growing from home, they can cultivate the strains that work best for their medical conditions.

Benefit #3: It’s a Fun Hobby

This isn’t necessarily the case for every grower, but a lot of people learn to love cultivating cannabis from home, especially once they get the hang of it. Some even claim to develop a personal connection to their plants, and this can enhance not only the growing process, but it can make using cannabis much more fulfilling.

Benefit #4: It Can Cut Down on Costs

The fourth benefit is actually the #1 reason that so many people take on an at-home grow op. Legal weed is great and all, but the reality quickly sets in that it’s not the most affordable way to use cannabis. This is why the Black Market is still thriving, even in places where recreational cannabis is now legal, but it’s also why so many people are testing their green thumbs.

Benefit #5: It’s Not Difficult

Contrary to what many people believe, growing cannabis isn’t difficult. Sure, it can become challenging once you start introducing more advanced growing techniques or if you take on hundreds of plants, but for the most part, it’s super easy.

In modern cannabis-loving times, growing weed is easier than ever. There are so many resources available to new growers, and fellow growers are more than willing to share their knowledge with beginners. Some people have a better knack for it than others, but overall, anyone can do it.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Growing from Home?

The main drawback of growing from home is that it takes time and patience. Unlike making a quick stop at your local dispensary, a grow op isn’t a speedy endeavor, and it’s not something that can be rushed.  Starting from day 1 of the grow op to actually smoking your plants, you could be waiting anywhere from 2 months to 7 months.

The average grow op takes 4 months from start to finish, so as you can see, it’s important to remember that patience is a virtue. But all in all, the conclusion is that growing from home is indeed all that it’s cracked up to be.