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Is Pre Workout Breast Feeding Friendly


Breastfeeding moms have a lot of considerations when taking supplements, mainly because they may affect the nutritional value of breastmilk. If you are considering a pre workout but still breastfeeding your little one, you may be wondering if it is safe to use one.

A pre workout is safe while breastfeeding; however, there are some measures you have to take to ensure it does not affect your breast milk. One of these is staying hydrated to ensure your supply of breastmilk does not dip with an addition of pre workout in your diet.

When you work out, your body needs more water to keep the body’s processes running as usual without being affected by sweating. Remember pre-workouts work to boost your energy, helping you work out more and handle challenging workouts better.

While this helps you achieve your fitness goals, it can increase the risk of dehydration if you do not stay hydrated all through. And, considering your body needs to produce breast milk, you will need more hydration than a regular non-breastfeeding mom.

If you had your baby through a C-section, it is essential to wait until the scar heals entirely and your doctor gives you the go-ahead to work out. Give yourself time to heal before you indulge in any strenuous exercise, let alone include a pre workout in your routine. 

If you exercise regularly, you want to ensure you keep up with hydration. Using a pre workout levels up your energy levels, requiring more of your body to crush workouts. This is the ultimate goal; however, it could affect your breast milk production if you do not hydrate always.

Another thing you have to be careful about is caffeine intake. Caffeine is a significant ingredient in most pre workouts as it contributes to the energy boosts pre workouts deliver. It is a powerful ingredient; however, it is not only over-exerting for you but unhealthy for your baby.

Additionally, caffeine contributes to dehydration which can quickly dip your milk supply affecting how much you produce. Stay away from caffeine and choose caffeine-free pre workouts if you must have one.

Some moms have raised concerns about the buildup of lactic acid during workouts. There have been reports that the lactic acid ends up in breast milk, making it a little sour. Although babies do not notice the change in taste, this is something you may have to consider.

Lactic acid is released from the muscles during and after exercise, especially muscle-engaging workouts. While this is not harmful to the baby at all, you may want to go slow with the workouts to minimize lactic acid buildup. Start slowly and advance the workouts as your body adapts to give the muscles time to adjust.

Most pre workouts are breastfeeding-friendly, but you have to be careful with the brand you choose. The idea is to stay away from caffeine-infused pre workouts as caffeine is not safe for babies. Also, ensure you stay hydrated at all times, including during the workouts, to ensure your body is well hydrated to keep up with the supply of breast milk.