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Joy is When You Buy from The Coles Catalogue for This Week 


Joy means different things to different people. Regardless of its uniqueness to different individuals, however, some things somehow spark this same emotion in everyone. Think of them as universal joy creators. It is no exaggeration that shopping from Coles is one of these joy creators, and you’re about to find out why. 

What is Coles, really? 

A quick background introduction will put things in perspective. To say that Coles is a reputable supermarket with some stores in Australia will be a gross understatement. It was founded in 1914 by George Coles. From that time to now, they’ve grown geometrically, to become the leading supermarket brand in Australia. With a shocking 807 stores, Coles is always a stone throw away.

We’ll cut to the chase and tell you the sweetest deal to come out of Coles: their weekly catalogues! Like every other, the Coles catalogue for this week will be released by Wednesday. We are about to tell you why it is such a big deal. 

What’s so special about the Coles catalogue for this week?


  • An arsenal of many weapons: 

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Coles will have more than a whopping 90% of the items on your checklist needed to run a typical day within the home. For the sake of modesty alone, we reserve the remaining 10%. Just to be clear, Coles catalogues usually feature items, ranging from chicken breasts to toothbrushes, grapes, buns, potatoes, yogurt… name it. 

With such a wide variety of goods, be rest assured that there’s provision for whatever you may need. Simply walk down a couple of blocks to the nearest Coles store near you. Are you too tired? They got you covered. 


  • Coles online shopping is a wonder! 

Are you an absolute recluse? Do you go out of your way to avoid any form of contact whatsoever with fellow humans? Are you buying foods in bulk? Or do you just hate having to queue at Supermarket stores to make payments? Coles online shopping is the answer you’ve been looking for. 

Coles online shop offers exclusive deals that serve as incentives for customers to shop online. Either way, the customer wins!


  • Best market prices:

As though it were not incredible enough that these catalogues have anything you want, product price tags are the most competitively advantageous you will find in the market. Upon catalogue release, managers need to put a limit on how much one customer can buy. Because the deals are so exciting, customers go into a frenzy and try to hoard as many products as they can. This precautionary measure keeps the customers in check. Coles operates the best market prices; what better proof do you need? Since we’re asking questions, please tell us why you have no plans to check out the Coles catalogue for this week

There’s a regular practice of combining food items too. Why buy, for instance, whipped cream and eggs separately, when you could buy them together at a combined reduced cost? 


  • Who doesn’t love discounted foods? 

Asides from the fact that you get products for the best prices on the market, expect heavily discounted goods on Coles catalogue for this week. You have an idea of why customers go crazy now, don’t you?  For the love of cheap foods, that’s why! 

How to choose the best deals 

The sea is filled with countless fish. Isn’t it then surprising that a fisher can cast his net and draw up only debris? In the same vein, as incredible as it sounds, it is possible to make bad shopping decisions in a sea of good ones. Let us show you how. 


  • Say no to assumptions


Before you buy an item, you should read the short exposé that describes what it is, and the needs it meets. Assumptions could cost you more than you imagined. 


  • Rely on history 

Customer experiences tell a story, and you’ll be smart to cash in on the wisdom they provide. Your shopping should hence hinge upon the decisions made after reading customer reviews. 


  • The ultimate search 

Unless you’re Jeff Bezos with millions of dollars to spare, we recommend that you take your time to search for the proposed items with the best discounts. It could be harrowing purchasing an item at a higher price only to discover you could have bought it for less. 

Ultimately, if you’re in a hurry, don’t shop. Haste is one of those traits that do more harm than good. Proper shopping is usually time – consuming. This is frankly, why many dread it.

For the love of healthy foods! 

When shopping from Coles catalogue for this week, there’s honestly no question as to the integrity of the food packaging. With so much on the line, strict measures go into the packaging of foods. It is highly important, however, that you eat healthily. How do you identify healthy, packaged foods


  • Look before you eat

You don’t need to be a dietician to be mindful of what your food contains. Before you consume packaged foods, check the ingredients.  It is a rule of thumb that the first four ingredients are the major constituents of the food. There’s a red flag if you don’t, without doubt, recognize any of these ingredients. Chicken, for instance, must be part of the ingredients of chicken nuggets. 

Generally, it is advised that packaged foods with fewer ingredients are safer to consume. 

If you have known allergies, ensure you avoid foods that have them. Allergic reactions can be life-threatening. 


  • Read nutritional labels

Amongst others, two significant areas of concern are fiber and fat content.

Fibers and roughages are food classes that aid bowel movement. Generally, you judge a food’s nutritional content by the amount of fiber it contains. Fibers reduce the risk of colon cancer and aid in cholesterol reduction. Aim for foods with 3g of fiber or more. 

Excess fat, on the other hand, is just bad news. A food containing more than 17.5g of fat per 100g of serving should be avoided. They are major risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. 

In conclusion

Coles is the best supermarket for you, and we’ve proved it by giving you some reasons to buy from Coles catalogue for this week. We’ve also, in passing, spoken about the importance of getting the best value for your money by choosing the best deals. Finally, while you live only once, as much as you can, live long too. Eat healthily. 

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