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Keep Your Personal Life To Yourself And Be Unapologetic About It


You wonder why you are feeling miserable. Why you are not happy. You see how everybody is thriving and you feel like you are sinking more and more each day. That’s because you keep exposing your life to other people. You are showing your weak points, your fragility. 

There is so much toxicity in this world,  my friend. Protect yourself. Put on some shield and ban all the people sniffing in your love life or your financial situation. 

There is no reason people would know your salary, or the problems in your relationship, or your family disputes.  That belongs to you. 

Everybody fights. Everybody has problems. No one is perfect. The sad part is, people like to pose as happy and successful, they like to mimic perfection. Don’t fall for such shows. That’s all they are, a mere show, a masquerade. Your privacy is yours only. The minute you confide in people you kind of know or you kind of talk to every once in a while, if you confide in people you once had a chat with and realized you share a lot of the same opinions, you will end up hurting. Some people do not deserve to know anything about you, and those people can sometimes be family members or best friends. It’s weird, I know.

But ask yourself this: Is it weirder than ending up screwed over, hurt, and betrayed every time you share something personal? Is it weirder than trying to pose as something you are not just so others don’t think you are a failure? 

Stop living for other people and their opinions. They are only as successful as the stories they tell. Their rehearsed stories and their show-off. You don’t have to prove anything to such people, only to YOURSELF.

If you are not happy with yourself, those stories of success will not change a thing. Oversharing, bragging will not solve a thing either. It won’t make you feel better about yourself, but some don’t get it. They do the things they do because they cannot stand the social pressure. They boost the truth; they modify it, so why should you want to share something that’s indefinitely yours with such people? It’s not like they are telling you the truth, darling. They tell you great stories and ask of you to share your life and you do, honestly. And then you get all those looks, you get the criticism; you get the feeling that you suck. That you are lagging behind. 

Wake up! Start living your life with no excuses. Be unapologetic about yourself and let others think and assume. Break the mental barriers of social pressure and live your best life. Even if it’s not perfect. You should not be looking for a perfect life, just one that makes you happy. What’s yours is yours. Stop giving other people the power to hurt you with their words and with how much they know about you. You don’t owe them that. But guess what? You owe it to yourself to protect your SOUL and your PRIVACY.