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Kid-Friendly Outdoor Activities To Boost Immunity In February


In the past, people believed that spending too much time outside during cold weather meant it was more likely that you would get sick. These days, though, research shows that keeping the kids cooped up all winter not only leaves you feeling frazzled but could be doing their immune systems a disservice. If you’d like to learn how to boost kids immune system, the easiest way to do it is to spend some time outside this February.

Take the Family Ice Skating

Whether your family loves to go ice skating every winter or it’s a new adventure for you all, one of the most traditional ways to spend time outside during the winter is to go ice skating. Check your local listings to find a nearby outdoor rink and determine what you’ll need to bring. Many rinks allow you to rent ice skates for the entire family, and a lot of them also provide large buckets or railing systems for the youngest skaters of the bunch to hold onto for stability.

If your kids are quite little, be sure to protect their hands with thick gloves and bring a bike helmet for them to wear in case they take a tumble. Of course, after all that fun outside on the ice, you’ll want to stop by the concession stand for some hot chocolate.

Send the Kids Outside To Play With Their Friends

Who’s to say there isn’t fun to be had in your own backyard? This weekend, why not invite your kids’ best friends over for a playdate? Feed everyone a hot and hearty lunch (soup and sandwiches are always easy) and then send them outside to play in the snow (if there is any), start a game of touch football, or simply just put their imaginations to good use.

While being outside in the cold isn’t likely to make your kids sick, being around other kids who have been around other kids does make it easier to spread germs. If you’d like a bit of extra protection for your little ones, you can always pick up some Wellements immune support.

Create Your Own Icy Fun

Just because your climate isn’t making snow or ice in February doesn’t mean that you can the kids can’t do it yourself. In fact, it’s an excellent way to get into a combination project that includes both science and art. First, add water to some balloons and then put in a few drops of food coloring. If it’s cold enough, you can set them outside to freeze.

If not, simply pop them into the freezer for a few hours (try doing this overnight so they’ll be ready when the kids wake up). once frozen, pop the balloon and a gorgeous ice globe will fall out. Play with them and decorate them in any way you like until they melt.

Spending time outdoors during the winter is essential for helping your kids to develop healthy immune systems. Using the right supplements aids in the process as well, so be sure to pick up iron supplements for babies and anything else you need to keep your kiddos happy, healthy, and thriving this February.