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Little-Know Tips And Tricks For Spotting and Avoiding Online Dating Romance Scams


Love is a beautiful thing. With love, things like loneliness and misery won’t be an issue. Plus, life is all about love. At first you think that’s good because you know, he opens up and he shares stuff, but then you realize that’s what you talk about all the time. You try to talk about yourself, and to hm, that’s another opportunity to talk about himself. He’ll swoop in and he’ll talk about his experiences or how life lessons, supposedly giving you advice. But no. He is just steering the conversation in his direction.

And one of the best ways to get love is to take your game to online dating sites. There are numerous online dating sites you can partner with to get your ideal partners. However, this has given room to scams. But that shouldn’t scare you from pursuing your journey to meet the love of your life. All you need to do it to exercise caution when looking for love online. The following tips and tricks will help you spot as well as avoid romance scams

Signs and Symptoms of Romance Scammers  

Scammers are good at spinning stories that are aimed at luring victims. Of course, some of them are very canning. However, you can use certain red flags to spot these scammers. Here are some of the common red flags.  


Scammers are not comfortable conducting communications via dating sites. They will do everything to lure you out of dating sites and communicate using other means. This includes texts, phone calls, emails, as well as instant messaging.


Scammers are notorious at asking numerous questions that are personal in nature. However, they don’t like being asked the same questions. Rather, they will avoid answering your questions. But if they do, their stories don’t add up. For instance, they may claim to be highly educated to the university level while their English spelling mistakes speak otherwise.


Scammers will quickly move to bond with you. They are not patient. They want to bond with you in the shortest time possible. For instance, if you meet somebody who tells you that he/she has never experienced the love (like yours), know that this is a real scammer. He/she is out to swindle your money.

Financial Help

The sole purpose of a scammer is to get money. So, they will employ all tactics at their disposal to get money from you. They will want you to understand their various financial problems. In a nutshell, a scammer will constantly ask for financial help from you.


Scammers will not want to meet with you. However, they will give you a lot of promises regarding when to meet. They will also give numerous excuses. However, they won’t honor their promises.

Fake Photos

Romance Scammer won’t use their actual images. If you want to spot them, conduct a reverse image-based search. You will be surprised. According to experts, they use other people’s images. Stay away from such people.

Tips for Protecting Yourself from Romance Scammers

Love is beautiful. It’s all your heart needs. However, the journey to finding love can be challenging. Things can turn ugly—especially when scammers are involved. But does this mean giving up on love? Does it mean cowing down? No. You can beat the scammers and give your soul what it deserves. Here is how to protect yourself and stay away from scammers.

Never Share Personal Information

Be patient. Don’t be in a rush to share that personal information of yours. Don’t private with your date of birth. Your full names shouldn’t be shared. Keep your home address to yourself. Remember, these guys can use this information to steal from you. For instance, they can use your names to steal money from your bank account. They will also use your names to evaluate your worth before laying a trap for you.

No Money Should Be Sent or Received

Money shouldn’t be involved when looking for love. Scammers will be quick to offer money. Others will quickly try to seek financial assistance from you. Remember, this is a stranger you are meeting. You don’t know his/her background. Make everything anonymous. In particular, don’t share credit card information.

Choose a Reliable Dating Site

Scammers love pitching tents in new, untrustworthy websites. Be careful. Work with a certified site. Read reviews to ascertain the authenticity of that site. Also, consider asking for referrals from friends. Do your research. Avoid communicating through social media platforms. Avoid texting. Restrict all your communication through dating sites. No Sharing of Personal Details

Choose a site that has a strong policy when it comes to privacy. Don’t choose a site that will share your personal details with third parties. Things like your phone number, email address, and home address can be used to scam you. Don’t use a webcam if you aren’t sure about it. In particular, don’t use a webcam to communicate with new people. They can use this footage to harm you. The same applies to things like cameras and other gadgets like tablets as well as smartphones.

Go With Your Instincts

Don’t go against your instincts. For instance, if something is telling you that the person isn’t genuine, don’t force it. Walk away.

Meet Physically

Meet the person physically. If someone is willing to meet you without any conditions, that person is genuine. However, if the person keeps on giving excuses, that might be a scammer. Stay away from people who are always giving excuses regarding physical meetings. Also, meet in a public place. Don’t meet in places that can jeopardize your security.

Seek Advice from Friends and Experts

It’s always advisable to seek advice whenever you feel uncertain about something. This is especially important when someone has asked for money from you. Getting a second opinion about a potential partner will help you spot scammers and avoid being conned. You can either ask experts, workmates, or family members.

Never Share Intimate Videos and Photos

Photos are private in nature. Don’t be in hurry to share them. Plus, if you have intimate photos, don’t share them. Scammers can blackmail you with those photos. Keep sexual videos to yourself.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t fall prey to online romance scams. Be careful. Do your research. Background checks will help you spot scams. Use the above tips and tricks to spot as well as stay away from romance scams.