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Looking To Start Vaping? Here Are The Various Ways To Go About It

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If you are looking to start vaping for pleasure or to try to quit smoking then you have to know what you’re getting into. Years ago there were not many options when it came to vaping. These days there are many different types of devices and even what you vape comes in many forms.

It isn’t easy to know what you should try first without knowing what the options are. And vaping is not a one size fits all type of scenario. Not every type of vape device or even vape material is going to work for everybody. And then there are vapers who are looking for fruity ways to vape that will wean them off of nicotine and others who are vaping marijuana where it’s legal so you have a lot of options.

In this article, I will go over what those options are so you can see which vaping device and way to vape is going to work best for you.

Nicotine vapes 

If you’re trying to quit smoking and you have looked at an online smoke shop for vape devices, you surely got very confused by the choices available. Let’s break down the nicotine based devices you can choose from to start.

Probably the most popular types of vape devices are the cig-alikes or vape pens. These are small vape devices that mimic cigarettes. The most famous is probably Juul, but there are many different ones. The kind to look for is the ones that have a cartridge that you can choose from so you aren’t relegated to using the only nicotine strength that the pen comes with.

You can go from very strong, like over 24 mg of nicotine to down to zero so you can wean yourself off gradually without needing to alway be buying new pens. Though there are also many disposable ones that come in various nicotine strengths.

Then, there are the box mods that are much more complex than the e-cigarettes. These use e-liquids that you drip onto a wick which is then heated to create the vapor. You have far more control over these and can use just about any type of liquid you want. And there are thousands of flavors to choose from. And, like with the cartridge system, you can choose from a variety of different nicotine strengths.

People like those mod boxes because of how customizable they are. With many of them, you can change the type of wicks, the atomizer, which heats the juice, and even the battery strength. These are the types of devices that people use to blow those huge clouds of smoke to impress their friends.

If you have experience already with vaping then the next logical place to look is squonking. These are like box mods but have a way of loading the liquid by squeezing bottles onto the wick.

Cannabis and CBD vapes 

When it comes to vaping weed or CBD your choices are somewhat similar to the nicotine vape devices but with some others specially for use with cannabis.

The two main types are desktop and portable. Before we get into the various types or portables, they are essentially either box mod style with a battery and tank or the e-cigarette styles that can use pods or cartridges that have CBD or marijuana.

Then the desktop ones are literally ones that you put on a flat surface and use that way. These are very effective for use with marijuana as they are very efficient with dry herb marijuana or even waxes. The nice thing is that they plug into the wall and don’t use batteries.

The reason they work so well is that they can draw far more electricity than from a battery. You get much better vapor production. The downside is of course that you can only do your sessions at home with one of these. It’s similar to using a bong for smoking in the sense that you only do it at home and don’t take them on the go with you.

We’ve already gone over the box mods so we’ll kind of skip that for now since there are e-juices that contain CBD that you can use with your average box mod.

There are other types of vaping for marijuana though like oil pens. These are similar to cig alikes but the difference is that they use a special concentrate or oil. Don’t confuse CBD oil that you put in edibles or under your tongue with the oil you use in one of these pens. They are quite different and vaping that oil can be dangerous.

Material to vape 

When it comes to marijuana vaping you have quite the choice when it comes to the material. There are pens and mods that can vape actual dry weed called dry herb vaporizers that give you a much cleaner smoke than using a joint or even a bong.

If you plan to vape dry herb then make sure that you buy the right type of pen or mod to handle it as the whole system is different. If you would rather use a concentrate for an even cleaner and more pure experience then look for dab pens or mods that vape a concentrate directly on the heating chamber.

Concentrates are made of different materials with varying amounts of cannabis in them. There is a wax that is the weakest of the concentrates that are cheap and easy to vape. Then there is shatter which is like candy in the sense that it is breakable and shatters apart. Sort of like a brittle candy.

Shatter can be 80% pure cannabis and is one of the strongest concentrates to use.


Whatever you end up choosing, it can be fun to experiment to settle on the right one. You can end up spending a lot on these rigs so you may want to start small and see if you like it before moving onto the bigger and more complex systems.