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Vaping vs. Smoking. How Safe Is Vaping?


More than a decade has passed since e-cigarettes first hit store shelves. At that moment, there was a real explosion of their popularity, which continues to increase every day. During this period, electronic cigarettes have undergone many changes and have become a real cult. 

As Vapes gained popularity there has been a drastic increase in e-liquid retailers across the globe like this one “twelve monkeys e-liquid”. They have become not only a substitute for cigarettes but also a stylish accessory that encourages people to quit smoking.

Does Vaping Help To Quit Smoking?

Increasingly, evidence began to emerge that vaping helps people quit smoking altogether, or at least reduces the frequency of tobacco use. Research shows that people significantly reduced their cigarette use due to the transition to vaping.

According to current statistics, the attempt to quit smoking is 60% more successful in people who have used e-cigarettes than those who have received only psychological support. Many people are simply not aware that vaping is not just a toy, but an effective means of fighting to smoke.

Switching to electronic cigarettes will help significantly increase the likelihood of quitting tobacco addiction. Additional psychological support combined with vaping guarantees almost 100% smoking cessation.

How safe is Vaping?

Recent studies by scientists say vaping is much safer than smoking because it does not contain tobacco. Tobacco is the largest cause of lung disease and cancer in the world, with more than 14 types of it, including lung, intestinal and pancreatic cancer. Like regular cigarettes, vapes can contain nicotine. It is addictive, but not the cause of cancer. The consumption of nicotine in acceptable doses does not cause great damage to health.

People who completely switch from tobacco to vaping show a noticeable decrease in the content of harmful substances in the body in the first six months. However, compared to tobacco cigarettes, the content of harmful substances in vape vapors is 97% lower, which indicates a significant difference in the impact on health.

Does Vaping Affect Youth Involvement In The Tobacco World?

There is a prejudice that those people who have never smoked and started to smoke can become addicted to tobacco and take it as their hobby. To date, there is no evidence that vaping encourages nonsmoking youth to become addicted to tobacco. 

On the contrary, all over the world by various research organizations, a total decrease in smoking people among young people is registered. Moreover, the rate of regular vaping among young people who have never smoked is 0.5% of the total mass of bathers.

Vaping during pregnancy

The complete cessation of nicotine use during pregnancy and lactation is the best way to prevent the health of a growing baby. It is not suitable for the baby’s growth at all even a small amount of inhalation of such products can lead to harmful outcomes.

Doctors do not recommend vaping or smoking during pregnancy especially during the months when the baby’s body parts are going through the growth process. However, if the dependence is high, and a person is a total addict, then vaping will be safer to use than tobacco products.

Yet safer vaping is not a hundred percent harmless for the body, there are consequences but they are lesser than those of smoking.

Can I Vape And Undergo NRT At The Same Time?

NRT is a nicotine replacement therapy that helps people quit smoking. It involves the use of nicotine patches or chewing gum to deliver nicotine to the body without consuming the combustion products of tobacco. 

Those who want to quit smoking can freely vape along with the NRT course, but it is important to remember that it is necessary to control the amount of nicotine in the body in order to avoid overdose and complications.


Naturally, it cannot be argued that NRT and electronic cigarettes are absolutely safe for the body because they still contain harmful substances. However, it is safe to say that in the long term, e-cigarettes can reduce the negative effects of smoking on the body.

If a person is wondering how to quit smoking, then the first thing to advise is to switch from cigarettes to vape. With time as the body gets used to a lesser amount of nicotine inhalation, a person can go towards a complete boycott of such products.