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Do You Lose Friends As You Get Older?-5 Reasons Why Losing Friends As You Get Older Is Actually A Good Thing

losing friends as you get older

If you are at a point of life where you are losing friends as you are getting older, and feel scared about it, there is no need to worry. In fact, losing friends with age is quite normal and happens to everyone.

Let me tell you the good news first. The positive aspect in this is that you will become a completely different individual with entirely new way of living. Changing anything can be a chance for a fresh start. You will meet new friends and travel to new destinations that you will grow fond of.

Of course, there is bad news, as well. That’s the letting go of some things. The hardest thing is letting go of close friendships, especially best friends. But sometimes, this is necessary for new positive changes to take place. Changes often bring new opportunities for you and you should try to get a hold of them.  At the end, it is a good thing to be an opportunist. 

Why do we lose friends as we get older? 

1. Safe zone

The older we get the more we realize how protective we are over things that hold value for us. You will start building a safe zone and protect your standards and principles you set.

You will notice that you will respect more new friends you will make with time as you grow older and more mature and never take for granted the things you say and the things you do.

You will find new people that have similar interests and you will develop meaningful relationships with these people. At the end you choose these friends at a more mature age, therefore they will probably be a better choice than before.

2. See the world

As you grow older you also become more experienced with the world around you. You start to rely on the things you’ve learnt and also you begin to cherish the friends that you can really rely on for important things.

With time you will learn to recognize that some things and people aren’t really needed in your life and you may have to let those people go in order to move on with things that matter in your life. 

3. Relationships that matter

With time, you may lose some of the oldest and best friends as you gain age, but that doesn’t mean that you will never have good friends and close relationships that matter again.

That is completely opposite of the truth. In fact, now you make friends who know themselves better and have discovered their passions, which makes them happier.

As time goes on and on, you will find new things that attract you and new things that you want to talk about, new places that you want to visit.  You will find friends with similar interests and you will enjoy spending time talking about these new stuff. 

4. Less and less Time

The older we get the more obligations we have. Therefore, we realize we have less and less time to spare on things that does not matter to us.

The time line in our life will move faster, and eventually it will become a race track. We no longer have time for everyone. But we also need more time for ourselves.

You will learn to cherish time and preserve it for your own needs. You will see that the only option is the wise use of time. Therefore you will learn to give priority to some things and avoid other.

This goes to people in our life too. Soon you will have to decide who is worth spending your time with and who is not. Do not let unimportant people waste your time, because we all know that time moves in one direction only.

5. Dishonesty detector

When we are younger we have a habit of being a bit of dishonest at some times. Let’s be honest here, we have all lied to our parents and teachers, even friends at least couple of times, right? The bad thing is that lies are getting bigger and worse over time and age. So we grow to dislike them.

As we grow older we grow to have no tolerance for dishonesty. We no longer tolerate this and therefore we want to be the voice of reason when it comes to arguing with a dishonest person.

You will find yourself willing for an honest conversation, often trying to avoid conversations which have no real value or purpose. The good thing is that over time we learn how to detect people who are dishonest and we start to avoid them.

Hopefully this article helped you come over your fears of becoming older. Just remember every part of life has its own beauty, so don’t try to resist time, but embrace it.