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7 Signs You Are In A Healthy, Up And Running Relationship

Healthy relationship

1. You have genuine communication. It takes two to tango, right? It takes two for an honest, heartfelt communication too. Your partner and you can communicate properly from small talk to deep conversations about life. You just get each other and you enjoy talking about everything and anything. You can undress your soul in front of them, and you know there is reciprocity.

2. You are vulnerable in front of each other. You strip your soul naked, you share your deepest insecurities and secrets with each other. You have the power to hurt each other, but you never do. You show your weakest points, but you never use them against each other. Because that’s what true love is about – daring to put your heart on the line and not be afraid to get hurt. 

3. Your relationship is based on teamwork. Teamwork and balance. This is very important in a relationship. You both contribute and you make equal efforts whether it’s about the chores around the house or emotionally. You don’t carry the entire relationship on your shoulders, it’s something you both do and you love it. You go through the highs and the lows together with ease because you are not alone. You have a backup. You. Work. As. A. Team. If you have this, you are truly blessed. 

4. You help each other grow. A healthy relationship is not about finding someone to date and losing yourself. It’s about further finding yourself next to that person. Your partner is not jealous because you succeeded in something. On the contrary, they are the ones pushing you forward and they are happy to see you touch the stars. Your identity should not melt and perish when you are with someone. And guess what? It won’t in a healthy relationship. 

5. There are no games. You plan a future together, you date exclusively each other, and that’s it. Straight as an arrow. There is no ghosting, you have your priorities in order, and there are no hidden intentions. This is one of the greatest things to experience, that your partner is in the relationship and they are in it to stay. 

6. You overcome disagreements and differences. You agree to disagree sometimes, and you let it slide. A healthy relationship does not mean there will be no fights whatsoever, it only means you will get past them without that good old toxic behavior or going from 0 to boiling point in seconds and start insulting. You may have a fight, but you set things straight because you actually communicate about your feelings.

You may go to bed angry, and you deal with the problem in the morning after you’ve cooled off. You know you will hurt each other when mad, so you take a step back, you take a deep breath and you let things clear up once the heat has passed. Occasional chill pills never hurt anybody. We are human beings. Disputes will arise, but it’s how we treat those disputes that matters. 

7. You have a life and a taste of independence. Being in a relationship does not mean you have to be glued to your partner. It’s the opposite of that. You need to have a life on your own, your circle of friends, your hobbies, something you like to do. Honesty and trust, prosperity, and genuine happiness can exist in a relationship if the partners do not confine each other.

For someone to be happy with someone else, first, they need to be happy and fulfilled on their own. Your partner should encourage you to go out and experience the world because they TRUST you. There is nothing more precious than seeing each other evolve and take a firm grip on life in every sphere.