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We Outgrow The Emotional Hurts And Bad Timing With The Right Ones Eventually

We Outgrow The Emotional Hurts And Bad Timing With The Right Ones Eventually

We outgrow the people that don’t know how to love us. The people that don’t appreciate us. We move past the hurts of the past and the people that did not see our worth. 

We transcend the past that clawed its fingers in our hearts, we slowly heal from the people that only fed us with emotional crumbs and leftovers.

We outshine those that do not walk the talk and those that weren’t genuine. Those that said things to hurt us, despite that maybe they didn’t really mean them. 

We outgrow the emotional void and neediness, other people’s laziness, lack of effort. 

The truth is, you reach a point where nothing else matters, but you. You reach a point where you focus on your wellbeing and you don’t care about who does what, says what. You have your own plan in front of you, your own priorities, and you drive towards them. Not everyone can hurt you now, you are much stronger. Because you took all those emotional blows life threw at you without even carrying a shield. 

We move past the lies and the betrayals, the emotional wounds of feeling like we are not enough. We surpass the relationships which sounded promising but were fruitless, for they gave us nothing in return. Nothing but abuse, or lies, and dishonesty. Nothing but false promises. We surpass the relationships which we idealized in our heads because they are the ones that proved to be the least real and genuine. 

We learned that passion is transient and there is a reason we didn’t end up with those people despite how badly we wanted that. The whole world crushed on you at that moment, but you learn how to live without it too. You move on. It’s what life is all about. 

You outshine those that could not see right through you, those who did not understand your soul, your mind. Those who looked in your eyes and saw what they wanted to see, not what was really there. 

You outgrow those who were not afraid to lose you. You outgrow failed relationships and bad timings with the right people because everyone has to go through that. You outgrow those who didn’t love you the way you deserve to be loved, so that nothing remains. Only what’s real.