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Empaths Have A Mission To Understand Others, But They Themselves Are Misunderstood


Some days are better than others, sure, but if you are an empath, you feel the pain of other people the majority of the time.

You are surrounded by people you love and care for you dearly, yet you feel there is some sort of disconnection. It’s like you don’t belong among those people. You feel their pain; it becomes your own, but you also feel lonely. 

You understand people from their worldview, from their point of reference, and you feel so distant at the same time as if you are living in a bubble. You feel like you are the narrator of this world. Knowing everything, but being unable to make that bond, being unable to be understood by other people. You carry those wounds, you carry that loneliness in stride because you don’t want to bother the people around you. 

You sense all the energies, all the emotions, you absorb them like a sponge. They soak you in, which is why you crave that loneliness – it helps you recharge your batteries. It helps you sift through those prickling grains of sadness and angst. 

It’s because you know yourself too well that you cannot fit in. You get this gnawing sense of not belonging and it repeatedly thumps and batters in your head you feel your pupils will burst. 

Empaths are powerful people. They carry the burdens of the world. They sense them, they understand them. You can help so many people just by understanding them. You can provide them with support, but to help them, you need to help yourself first. You need to regain your energy. You may never feel like you belong at a certain place, among certain people, but your mission is not that.

Your mission is to make a change, to help, to understand what others cannot. Embrace it. It’s not given to everybody. There is a reason the tops of the mountains are lonely, don’t you think?