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Magic Mushroom: Guidelines for a Shroom Trip

Magic Mushroom

Magic mushrooms have recently gained immense popularity, primarily due to their fantastic ability to treat various medical conditions. The psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms are brought on by the body’s transformation of the psilocybin in the mushrooms to psilocin.

The strength of the mushrooms, the dose, and your body’s metabolism and chemistry all have a role in how long it takes for mushrooms to start working and how long shrooms last. To find out how long your mushrooms last, continue reading!

How Should I Prepare for a Mushroom Trip?

The primary hallucinogenic ingredient in magic mushrooms, psilocybin, interacts with a brain serotonin receptor to cause what medical professionals call an “altered state of consciousness.” These phases alter vision, distort temporal perception, and completely alter how reality is felt. Psilocybin can cause hallucinations and profound contemplative experiences that fall under mysticism or spirituality.

Experienced mushroom users advise adhering to the following basic rules to prevent poor tripping:

Pick the Best Shroom Buddy

It is essential to emphasize this. A friend’s presence may significantly impact our feelings since humans are social creatures. Never consume mushrooms around somebody you don’t trust or feel at ease with. The trip sitter’s role is to provide a connection to reality in case you lose control and require assistance getting back on track. When using mushrooms, it might be difficult to tell what is real and what is not when controlled by their effects. Having someone you can trust watch over you can help make the experience more enjoyable because doing this could put you at risk physically.

Feel Safe and Secure

Make sure you’re in a welcoming, familiar setting where you feel relaxed, such as your own home. If something about your environment makes you feel uneasy or unsafe, don’t use the mushrooms.

Be Relaxed

Psilocybin can seriously interfere with regular psychological functions, forcing us to confront uncomfortable realities about ourselves or the outside world that we might otherwise want to ignore. Because of this, you should only consume magic mushrooms if you feel emotionally balanced and have done so for several weeks or more. Additionally, be sure you slept well the night before because being exhausted might negatively affect your trip.


To allow yourself a chance to discover the space that lies inside, try to put your phone away for the duration of the trip. Make sure you don’t have any social, household, or work-related obligations while you’re away since once the impact sets in, you won’t be able to manage your daily commitments as you usually would, and getting a call from your employer in the middle of a vacation may become a surefire trigger for anxiety.

Simply Let Go

It’s time to surrender to the experience if you’re in a secure setting and sure you can put your daily obligations on hold for a few hours. Avoid attempting to influence or direct what occurs to you under the effects of mushrooms. Engage in active observation. Believe that everything you experience during a mushroom trip exists and cannot harm you in the real world. If you adopt this mindset, you may explore your awareness fearlessly and without judgment.

How Long Before Mushrooms Begin to Work?

Usually, mushrooms start after 30 to 60 minutes and peak one to two hours afterwards. Magic mushrooms have typically consumed either whole, as a gummy treat or as chocolate, as well as in tea. These methods of mushroom consumption need the liver and stomach to digest the mushrooms before the body can absorb them. Like mushroom edibles and cannabis products, it will take your body to process the mushrooms and experience the effects.

What Factors Affect How Long Your Trip Is?

The duration of your trip might vary depending on many things. The length of the trip depends mainly on the type and amount of mushrooms you choose to consume, but a conventional dose of mushrooms often peaks an hour or so after ingestion and lasts for four to six hours. The onset time can also be significantly impacted by how you choose to consume the mushrooms. Making mushroom tea or lemon tekking, for instance, hasten the trip’s start by facilitating the stomach’s conversion and absorption of psilocybin.


Allow yourself as much time as you can for your shroom encounter in the end. The trip will only last a few hours with a regular dose, but the euphoric feeling effects may endure for weeks. You will also need time to consider and adapt the event to your life. Your mushroom experience may be profound—even life-changing—when taken with severe intent and proper preparations! Although the effects of using mushrooms won’t remain forever, developing daily rituals and practices that mirror your experience is a terrific way to keep in touch with the gifts you got and help you be ready for your next adventure.