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Marijuana Consumption Methods and How They Work 


Are you tired of smoking a regular old joint and want to try out one of the fancier and newer cannabis consumption methods available? Have you heard all sorts of negative things about smoking and think it’s time for a bit of change?

Cannabis products come in a variety of forms and shapes. One form is the cannabis flower which can be smoked using the traditional bong, which is easily found at online stores such as Grasscity or used to make edibles. Another type of product is cannabis oil, which can be vaped with a vape pen or consumed orally by mixing it into food or drink.

There are also topical lotions that you apply directly to your skin for pain relief from issues such as muscle soreness and arthritis. The different types of cannabis products available today prefer many options for people who use them responsibly and for medical purposes while wanting to manage their symptoms effectively. Even if you aren’t using it for medical purposes, here are a few different consumption methods and how they work.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

the very first consumption method that we have on our list is the dry herb vaporizer. This is a newer addition to the marijuana industry and has quickly become one of the most popular consumption methods for cannabis because of its nature.

For those who enjoy smoking a joint but are starting to worry about the risk that comes along with it then this product is a great replacement for you. While you are still inhaling the product and it may be a vaporizer you can get a very similar experience without any of the damage of smoking and inhaling carcinogens.

A great thing about these vaporizers is that you will feel the effects similar to how you would feel the effects of smoking. They will show within a few minutes and last a couple of hours.

Marijuana Bath Salts

The next product on our list is marijuana bath salts. This may sound a little bit out of this world because typically marijuana is consumed internally. However, research shows that marijuana is incredibly helpful when it comes to relaxation and calming the body as well as helping reduce pain and inflammation.

After a long hard day of working on your feet, soaking in a tub with marijuana bath salts is a great way to end the day, relax your muscles and your mind, and prepare yourself to go to bed.

Because you are not consuming the product orally, you will not feel any of the psychoactive effects or get high from it, you will just benefit from its healing factors and compounds such as CBD.


A bubbler used for cannabis consumption is all the best parts of a bong and a pipe combined. They are small, compact, and easy to use. The small glass pipes make use of combustion and allow for you to inhale the smoke from your weed.

When using a bubbler, the effects that you feel I just like that of joints, they kick in relatively quickly, and they last for a good couple of hours before you need to go for your next hit.


Edibles are fantastic methods of consumption that allow you to eat your cannabis rather than inhale any smoke. This means that there is no risk of lung damage whatsoever.

When it comes to edibles there are plenty of different products to choose from whether you want something salty or sweet, a snack or a meal, or even just a drink. This method of consumption allows for you to have a far more potent high however this high takes a lot longer to kick in.


Last but not least we have a more medicinal application or consumption method of cannabis, and this is in the topical form. Medicinal marijuana has been used to treat pain and inflammation for many years now and the industry has just now realized that they should be using these products in a topical manner.

These days you can now find all sorts of topical applications of marijuana from creams, to gels, ointments, and so many more. This is great for targeted pain relief and inflammation of muscles.