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Night Owls: Creative Minds, Lonely Souls, And Peace Seekers

night owl

Night owls are extraordinary people because they function differently than the rest. They are perceptive and imaginative. 

Do you enjoy these things? If you do, then you are definitely a night owl:

You are most creative at night. You embrace your creativity, your artistic side at night. You like writing, drawing, finishing your DIY projects – anything. It sets you free. The night gives you the time to express your creative side and get in touch with your talents. It’s quiet, it’s lonesome, it’s perfect. 

You are more productive at night. It’s nighttime, finally! You can finish your work, study, prepare for exams, write your home assignments, even clean. You prefer the moon’s sensual light rather than the daylight and its busyness and traffic congestion. At night you can concentrate and do most of your work, maybe with some light music in the background. 

You are in love with binge-watching. There is just so much that needs to be done during the day, and at night is when you can chill and just relax. You love watching your favorite shows and your pace is one season a day. What better time for that pace than at night, after you are done with work and all your responsibilities, right? 

You are not a fan of breakfast. Yikes! Your first meal is way past breakfast hours because you were sleeping then. You eat breakfast and lunch in one, which means late-night snacking is part of your night-owl routine. You live your life practically at night, so no wonder you are sleeping when the whole world is in the midst of that the hustle and bustle. Also, snoozing alarms? Your superpower. 

You enjoy observing the night sky. No better landscape than the night sky, am I right? There is just something so magical, so captivating about the sky, the stars, and the moon, the yellow lights dancing on the streets as shadows – it revitalizes you. You soak in the night’s beauty; you love it because it’s so private and intimate. You can spend hours until sunset with a glass of wine, looking at the sky, reading a book – it gives you energy for the next day.

There is a rebel living inside of you. Do you feel restless? Do you want to experience some adventure? Do you want to feel something out of this world? The day is too hectic and noisy; you don’t have a lot of time for yourself. At night, you can dream about life and the future, you can fantasize, you can be you. You can feel free. You can put that restlessness to some productivity at night or call your fellow night owls over for a drink. 

You enjoy the peace and the quiet of the night. Your soul is at peace, you can take a deep breath and relax. The cars are not honking, supermarkets are empty of people, no one is running to catch the bus, no one is in a rush. Everything is slow, motionless. Maybe you are not pretending to be the next Shakespeare in the making, but you enjoy the peace and quiet. You can be alone with your thoughts, you can enjoy the silence while gazing at the stars and the clouds, you can enjoy a balanced state of mind. You can get in touch with your deepest self, the one you hide selfishly from the world.