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Not Sure What To Read Next? Here Are Some Useful Tips


You’ve just finished your most recent book. As you revel in your accomplishment and the journey that has just taken place, you are left with a new predicament, finding your next read. There are several ways to go about it, whether you look for something else by the author you just read or seek some recommendations from a multitude of resources. Here are some tips to help you find the next book to read.

Read The First Few Pages

When you are looking for new books to read, one thing to do is to read the first few pages or even chapters. When shopping for books in person, reading the first few pages and the back of the book will help give you an idea of what the book is about, the writing style of the author, and if it engages with you. Granted, some books take longer to develop, and just because you aren’t captivated by the first few chapters doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the book as a whole. Additionally, some books that start out intriguing and interesting may not end the way you want them to. However, if you find yourself intrigued after reading the first few pages and can’t seem to put the book down, this may indicate the next ideal read for you.

Ask Your Friends And Family

Book recommendations aren’t always the easiest to find, however, when you are looking to learn about what is a good read, your friends and family will provide great resources. These should be opinions that you trust, and oftentimes, you share the same interests and subjects as your friends. This can translate to the types of books you read, and hearing about how a book is written, and what it is about, and ultimately if those that know you the best recommend a book, chances are it will be a good selection.

Visit A Library Or Bookstore

If you are still lacking the necessary recommendation for your next read, consider visiting your local library or bookstore. You might be the person in your group of friends that is the first to read books, but there are plenty of people that can help you find your next read. Bookstores and libraries are filled with people that love books, and each may have a specific genre they gravitate towards. If you enjoy the same subjects, these people may have hidden gems for you to discover. Additionally, if you are looking to explore new genres that you are unfamiliar with but want to expand your own reading experience, you’ll find these word enthusiasts just as helpful and passionate, ready to give you their specific recommendations.

Read Summaries

Deciding on what book to read next can’t always depend on what other people have to say. Ultimately, everyone is different, and this translates to your tastes as well. Although you might want to try and read the first few chapters of a book to determine if it sounds interesting, you are using up a lot of time to do so. This is especially felt if you decide you don’t like the book in the end. Reading summaries is a great way to give you a quick overview of the subject matter of a book. This will help save you time, but also help you decide if you like the book in the same way that sifting through its pages will. Other research that you should consider is discovering other titles by authors you enjoy, or even researching what books your favorite authors are reading.

Join A Book Club

Book clubs are great ways for people to get together to share their passion for written works and written art. Not everyone has friends or family members that share in their love of reading, but that shouldn’t stop them from continuing their hobby. Book clubs allow readers to engage with others that want to delve and discover more about their favorite books, and of course, give recommendations and discover and share new books. Additionally, these clubs are not limited to in-person gatherings but open up more opportunities with many online and digital platforms. Many social media channels even provide a similar experience to share thoughts and reviews of your favorite books. Consider joining a community or club to not only find your next new read but talk about it after you have loved(or hated) it.

There is no single way to find your next book. In fact, consulting multiple resources will likely provide the best book for you, especially if you receive multiple recommendations for the same title. Consider a variety of outlets and opinions, but of course trust and prioritize your own to find out what you should read next.