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On IOS and Android, here’s how to watch Instagram stories anonymously without them knowing


Thank you for visiting Instagram! Are you seeking a way to watch Instagram stories anonymously on IOS and Android? How to watch Instagram stories anonymous stance or without them knowing is a fascinating topic that everyone is interested in right now. Many people utilize this to watch the Instagram stories of public or private Instagram profile accounts that they follow, and in the case of private Instagram profile accounts, they follow you back. In this article, I’ll demonstrate how to watch or learn how to view a user’s Instagram story.

If you check through a person’s Story on Instagram on IOS or Android, you’ll notice that the user may see their story viewers count, and if you’ve viewed that story, your Instagram account name will appear in the list of viewers. Some users wish to be hidden from the Instagram story watchers list, while others want to watch Instagram stories without knowing who is watching them. (1)

How Can I View Instagram Stories Anonymously Without Them Knowing On IOS And Android?

Many users are also looking for an app that allows them to watch Instagram stories secretly on their Android and iPhone devices. You may simply browse Instagram stories anonymously without them knowing by utilizing certain Instagram story viewing applications available on the Play Store and AppStore. However, many programs are updated or withdrawn from the Play Store and AppStore.

Some applications also allow you to access Instagram private profile viewer anonymously if you have followed them and have returned the favor by authenticating into the app on the Google Play store. I’ll show you several functional applications and websites for IOS, Android, and PC. (2)

You can see stories on some websites, such as Instagram story viewer, without having to download an app; these websites may be accessed from any device that has a web browser. If you want to see other people’s Instagram stories, simply type their username into the search field and press the search button. Then you may easily view their stories without them realizing it. These sites may or may not be compatible with Instagram’s private profiles.

These services, such as Ingram and Stories Watch, allow you to browse Instagram stories anonymously or without knowing who they belong to.

 How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously On Android Using Third Party Applications And  Websites?

Using the software supplied here, you may effortlessly monitor Instagram stories without them knowing or anonymously.

Using the software supplied here, you may effortlessly monitor Instagram stories without them knowing or anonymously. These software applications have gained a lot of popularity, but you should keep in mind that they work only for profiles that are public.

1. Followers And Like Tracker

You may download this app from the Google Play Store by searching for “Followers and Like Tracker” and then logging into your account to observe any of your followers without them knowing or anonymously seeing Instagram stories. After logging in, the stories tab appears as an Instagram app on the left side.

Other popular applications and websites that can be used to view stories on public profiles are:

2. Insta Story Stalker for Android

Free, in-app purchases are also. It is an available ultimate tool to watch secretly someone’s Instagram story on your device. You can watch someone’s story secretly just with one click. )

3. BlindStory for Android and iPhone

This application has a Story Magnet to automatically catch and save a story before it is deleted and you are notified every time a follower or a following added a new story on their profile. You can save stories directly into your phone and save photos with higher and clearer resolution. )

4. Save-insta.com (website)

They have an Instagram Story Downloader and the website comes with a minimalist design with a search bar where you can search for the username’s person and their stories will start loading.

5. StoriesDown.com (website)

This is the best website for downloading anything from Instagram, even without having an Instagram account. You can even save Instagram photos in high resolution, but this website is not affiliated with Instagram.

6. Dumpor.com (website) 

You can download and search anonymously stories, posts, and videos with the best experience. However, this website uses the Instagram API, but it is not certified by Instagram.

7. GreatFon.com (website)

This website allows you to download and watch stories and videos from Instagram anonymously. You can watch reels, posts, followers, and stories without having an account.

Most of the applications are free for use, although there are some applications for iPhone that can be purchased and come with a profile picture downloader.  They are very easy to use and all you need to do is to put the username in the input field and search for the stories, which you can view and save at the same time.

4 Other Ways To Watch Instagram Stories Online Anonymously

Use Another Instagram Account

One of the easiest and most effective ways to watch others’ Instagram stories anonymously is by using another Instagram account.  This is possible, only if the account is public. However, if the account is private, you can watch the stories only if you follow that account.

Use An Anonymous Instagram Account

Maybe the best way is to use an Instagram account that cannot identify you.  It is very easy to create and use two Instagram accounts and to switch between the two, so you can use the other one to watch someone’s Instagram story discretely and without them knowing.

Turn On Airplane Mode

Instagram preloads several stories for instant viewing even when you do not have a stable Wi-Fi connection or a data connection. Therefore, by enabling the airplane mode, you can theoretically view someone’s else account without being seen in the story watcher’s list.

To make this you should:

  • Pull up someone’s account on Instagram
  • Enable the Airplane mode
  • Go back to the application and tap on the user’s story

However, if the user has posted several stories in a sequence, you won’t be able to see them as the application would not have preloaded them all.

Using VPN

You can use VPN to change the location of your computer and you can stay anonymous on the Internet, so your ISP(Internet Service Provider)  cannot see where you are accessing from and what you are doing online.

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