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One Piece Of Paper Cannot Save A Marriage Going Downhill

One Piece Of Paper Cannot Save A Marriage Going Downhill

One piece of paper does not solve couples’ issues and especially not marriage. It’s a formality. 

One piece of paper cannot make you and your partner go along, it’s painful, but it’s true. If the love and the understanding are not there, what else matters? Stop wasting your time if you are not happy. 

Check out these 5 signs pointing out that divorce may be just around the corner:


Cheating is just a ticking bomb – you never know when it will burst into flames. The thing about infidelity is that it dooms a marriage. No matter who cheats, it never ends well. Some people may try to polish things up for the sake of their children, but the trust issues and the frequent fights can make your life a living hell to the point where you just want to end things for good. 


If you are not honest, if you do not share, and if you cannot come clean, it means your marriage is plummeting downwards. Communication, sharing, and honesty are vital for a marriage to sustain. You need to be able to say what bothers you or what you would like to change, not feel like you are talking to a wall. Your partner should not be a stranger.


These two things go together. If your partner wants some space or if they have a different opinion than yours, you should be okay with that and vice versa. Respecting your partner’s friends, family, and work shows you respect them as a person. They are allowed to have a life.

If you do not let them hang out with their friends, if you intrude or bombard them with phone calls at work, it shows you have no sense of boundaries. If you had a fight, you had a fight. Wait until they come home to resolve it. Being impatient or clingy may just push the person off or make them consider starting a new chapter in life. 


You can’t lash out over minor things. You need to show a little understanding and patience. The more you hurt each other with words, the more distant you’ll get. Being impulsive will make you and your partner grow apart. You don’t want to be married to someone with whom you’ll only discuss the groceries you need to buy.

You want someone who trusts you and can lean on you and tell you every problem, not someone who will be afraid to do it because they know you will get mad or overreact and vice versa.


You don’t need a partner who will overindulge in drinking and who will spend all your savings. You want a family-oriented person, someone who has a balance. Many people who do these things end up divorced because their behavior made the other side lose trust and patience. No one wants to wake up one day only to realize their money is gone or they are drowning in debts. No one wants violence, both physical or psychological.

No one wants to be made a fool and with a drinker or a gambler, you feel like one. No one wants to be a victim, but violent people make you be one. If this happens, you should file for divorce and not even look back. You are not losing anything; you are getting your freedom and you are winning. It’s them that will end up alone: the gambler, the drinker, the abusive one because they have no qualities to offer. Ouch!