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Online Divorce in Ohio | All You Need to Know


When it comes to the dissolution of a marriage in Ohio, many couples try to break up amicably. What’s more, by using online divorce services, spouses can save thousands of dollars on paperwork.

In this article, you will read how to divorce online and the requirements for web divorce. We will also touch upon the process of getting a divorce in Ohio and how long it will take.

What are the Residency Requirements for Getting a Divorce in Ohio?

Each US state has specific residency requirements. For example, to apply for divorce in Ohio, at least one spouse must have resided in the state for at least six months before the filing date. It means that if the petitioner does not live in Ohio for the required period, but the respondent meets this requirement, the petitioner should file for divorce at the respondent’s place of residence.

Even if the marriage is not registered in Ohio, the court can still grant a divorce.

What are the Grounds for Divorce in Ohio?

Ohio law allows spouses to file for a fault and no-fault divorce. The fault-based reasons include:

  • adultery,
  • extreme cruelty,
  • bigamy,
  • willful desertion or abandonment for one year,
  • imprisonment of the adverse party at the time of filing the divorce petition,
  • habitual drunkenness,
  • gross neglect of duty,
  • fraudulent contract, and
  • if the other spouse divorced the filing spouse in another state.

There are only two grounds for a no-fault divorce. They are

  • incompatibility, and
  • if the spouses have lived apart without cohabitation for a year.

By applying for a no-fault dissolution, spouses do not need to provide proof of the other spouse’s misconduct, which significantly reduces the cost of divorce. Also, a no-fault divorce frees the spouses from answering confusing and unpleasant questions to establish the truth.

During a fault-based divorce, the court needs time to review and recheck the proof provided. As a result, sometimes, the court assigns additional trial proceedings.

How to Prepare Divorce Papers in Ohio Online?

Before filing for divorce, spouses should prepare legal forms. The petitioner can do it independently or with the respondent’s assistance if they are on good terms.

Couples can complete the divorce papers with the help of a lawyer or online divorce companies or on their own by stopping by the court or downloading them from the official court website. We will consider options that allow spouses to prepare paperwork without leaving their homes.

The first option is to download from the official court website. The petitioner chooses the necessary forms, downloads them, and fills them out independently. However, it can be challenging for people without legal training to select and fill out documents. The Family Law and state requirements have many pitfalls.

Also, depending on the case specifics, the number of forms may vary. If the petitioner submits an incorrect package of papers, the court will not accept them. As a result, when re-submitting documents to the court, the spouses may have to pay filing fees again.

Completing legal forms with online divorce companies is a fast and inexpensive way to prepare the paperwork in a matter of days with little effort. It has many advantages.

First, it’s convenient. Internet divorce services can be used at any time and place.

Second, the petitioner can easily select and fill out the required forms without fuss. Based on the marriage data provided by the spouses, the online divorce system will help generate customized forms under the latest state requirements and case specifics.

Third, online divorce services are helpful in a do-it-yourself (DIY) divorce. They often provide a step-by-step guide for filing without an attorney, along with the ready-to-sign paperwork.

And finally, online divorce services are much cheaper than lawyers. However, spouses should consider that online divorce companies mainly provide services for uncontested cases. If you and your spouse have a contested divorce, you should contact an attorney.

What is the Difference Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce?

A contested divorce is like a battle between spouses in a courtroom. It means that the spouses could not agree on the divorce terms, or one of the parties refuses to agree to the divorce.

An uncontested or amicable divorce means that the spouses have agreed on child custody, property division, and spousal support (alimony) before the court. If spouses have disagreements but desire to avoid legal battles, they can seek help from a neutral third party. A mediator or arbitrator can help the spouses find a compromise solution and obtain an amicable divorce, thereby avoiding additional hearings and spending thousands of dollars.

What is the Waiting Period in Ohio?

Depending on the circumstances of the case, the waiting period in Ohio may vary. For example, the court may set a 90-day waiting period to allow the couple to reconcile.

Spouses can get a divorce in Ohio within three to four months. However, they should consider the complexity of their case and the county court workload.

What are Divorce Filing Fees in Ohio?

The filing fees may vary by county. Also, the case circumstances affect the cost. The average Ohio filing fee is $250.

If the petitioner has a low income, they may apply for a payment waiver. They need to fill out the Civil Fee Waiver Affidavit and Order form to do this.

Final Words

The divorce process consists of many small components, which affect its duration, cost, and difficulty. However, if the spouses cooperate, they can divorce as quickly and smoothly as possible under the law.