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Police and Attorneys: Two Professions that Deserve More Respect


If you ask around in certain circles, you’ll find people who strongly dislike police officers and attorneys. Perhaps it’s because these two professions hold immense power. Police have the power to arrest people against their will and attorneys have the power to take away someone’s freedom (potentially for the rest of their life) simply by convincing a jury to convict them.

That’s a lot of power, but it’s not something to automatically fear. The perception is that people in power abuse their power, but that isn’t always the case. In many circumstances, police and attorneys use their power for good.

This is a point the National Police Association works hard to convey to communities across the nation. As a non-profit organization, the NPA works tirelessly to support law enforcement officers through legal and policy work while educating the public about how important law enforcement officers are to society.

At the end of the day, our society wouldn’t function without police officers and attorneys. The entire system we have created that provides protection and issues justice would crumble. Some people think this would be ideal, but they don’t realize just how chaotic things would be in that case. Even though things don’t always go smoothly, we need both cops and lawyers.

Why cops deserve more respect 

We depend on law enforcement officers in emergencies, whether it’s a car crash, a break-in, or a violent crime in progress. When dispatched to a situation, they come ready to protect and serve, regardless of the dangers they may face. Most of the time, they don’t know what they’re walking into and it doesn’t stop them. They took an oath and knew they would be putting themselves in danger every day, and it was worth it to them. That’s a pretty selfless agreement to willingly walk toward danger every day on the job. That alone deserves respect. 

If cops aren’t bad, why do people fear them? Why do they get such a bad rap? 

The answer is complex, and rooted in several different issues. For example, some people have had negative personal experiences with law enforcement and see all cops as bad guys. Other people see isolated incidents of violence perpetrated by cops on the news and believe it’s a common occurrence. And some people just have a general distrust of authority despite not having any negative experiences themselves. 

While it’s true that some cops get out of line and cause unnecessary harm to people, that’s not the entirety of the force. Although these incidents aren’t common, they’re unfortunately portrayed as such online in order to sway public opinion against cops. 

It’s understandable that some people would develop a negative view of cops after watching news footage depicting incidents of violence perpetrated by bad cops. However, this needs to change because it’s not an accurate representation of the profession. The majority of police officers are good people who put their lives on the line daily. Many sadly lose their lives in the line of duty. That kind of sacrifice deserves respect. 

Why lawyers deserve more respect 

There are always at least two sides to every story. Attorneys exist to get their clients the best possible outcome, even when they’re guilty of a crime. The right to an attorney when facing charges brought by the state is a right in the United States and just because a person might be guilty doesn’t mean they don’t deserve legal support. 

Criminal defense attorneys constantly protect everyone’s Constitutional rights and case outcomes often become the precedent for future rulings and new laws. Every single case heard in a courtroom has the potential to influence all cases that come after. 

One of the biggest reasons attorneys deserve respect is their ability to get wrongful convictions overturned. That’s a big deal. Many people are convicted of crimes they didn’t commit because of things like racial discrimination and juries that are prejudiced from the start. These people have no chance at getting their convictions overturned on their own. Navigating the judicial system without a lawyer means almost certain failure. 

Our legal system isn’t perfect, but it’s all we’ve got 

Despite the fact that the legal system in the United States isn’t perfect, it’s all we have to work with. Both cops and lawyers go into their professions knowing this, and are still committed to doing their best to serve the people who need their help. Our society and legal system simply wouldn’t function without them.