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Powerful Women Need To Be Saved Too: They’ve Been Strong For Too Long

i need somebody there for me

You wear your heart on the sleeve. You give and give and give. You are never tired of being there for everyone. You don’t just lift people up when they fall; you do everything you can to stop them from falling because you care. 

Your heart is as big as the sky, your soul may be gentle and fragile, but it doesn’t stop you from loving, worrying, and caring. You feel everything; you get hurt. Your heart has undergone thousands of stitches and has been hurt again, but you never complained. You took everything in stride – every blow life threw at you, every emotional bruise, every breakup. 

Many times your heart had shattered into million pieces like a broken mirror, yet, you never even stuttered in front of the world because you want to be the strong one, you want to be the fixer, the pillar. You don’t want to upset anyone. 

Maybe you’ve been strong for too long. Maybe you’ve been there for everyone and you need someone to be there for you. To replace you, even for a day.

Maybe you need to catch your breath for a minute, collect those shattered pieces, and put them together. 

Maybe strong women are not born – they are created through life. You withstand the storms and the blizzards, your heart aching, your soul crunching under the swishing sound of emotional sorrows and failed relationships, but you go on. 

You inspire people, you give them hope, you put a smile on their face, or you just say nothing when they are angry or mad. You don’t start a fight, you are humble.

You understand that they are going through a rough time, so you let them be angry or mad.

You understand. You do whatever it takes to maintain peace among the family circle or among friends. You are lenient. 

You deserve someone else to take over. You deserve to lean on someone too – you don’t have to be strong that often. You are only human, darling, fierce and powerful, yes, but fragile too. Take a deep breath, dedicate a whole day to yourself only. Talk. Say what bothers you.

Set those agonizing, stifling thoughts free, liberate your mind. Get rid of those worm-like doubts and insecurities. They can be soul-crashing. Spirit-crashing.

Break free – your inner glow is at an arm’s reach. Don’t be afraid to grab it. There is nothing wrong with expressing yourself.

You are strong anyway, your emotions just make you REAL. Your passion and intensity make you AUTHENTIC.

Being honest is powerful and invigorating. Don’t be intimidated by your nature, by your emotions, by who you are and how you feel. It takes courage to be you in this world, buttercup.

State your opinion. You are allowed. You don’t always have to be the savior. You deserve to have someone save you too.