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Read These 10 Unusual Engagement Proposals


Every love story is special, and while how your relationship plays out with someone is wholly destiny, there are some things that are more within your control. The engagement proposal is one of those things of which you are the sole architect. How special it turns out depends on how fine an idea you are working on and how well you have directed the proposal to execution. While ideas for a romantic proposal are countless, there are only a few that fit the label of “unusual”, yet beautiful. So, today, we have rounded off for you 10 unusual engagement proposals that one can’t just say no to (of course when you have a ravishing engagement ring to accompany it with).

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One in Which Your Canine Friend Is the Message Bearer

When we say marriage proposals that can win a girl over many times, it doesn’t just mean a jaw-dropping sparkler and a line that makes your heart skip a beat. The most surefire way to make a proposal memorable and outstanding is to add a lot of adorable factors to it. If you have a furry pet that is enthusiastic to be your pageboy for a proposal, then you are all set. Get your furry companion to deliver the message and the ring for you (preferably when she wakes up in the morning). A little placard with your message around its neck and the ring in between his teeth is how it can be done, provided your pet does not swallow it like a treat.

Caught on Camera in a Photo Booth

A great way to make a proposal on camera is to do it in a photo booth. Hidden cameras and cameramen are clichéd. If you want something unique, then a photo booth proposal, in my opinion, is a fantastic way to pop the question. You will leave the booth engaged and with some great ready-made shots that document the moment in its most natural form.

At the End of the Morning Coffee

Garnishing a cupped morning coffee with a Marry Me is just too prosaic an idea. First, it’s too obvious, second, it has no element of surprise to it. If you want to make things a little more exciting, but do not want to take the morning coffee out of the idea, then here is a dandy idea. Get a customized mug that reads Marry Me at the bottom, and fills it with steaming hot coffee. Surprise her with an energizing cup of morning coffee in bed and a lovely message at the bottom of the cup. Keep the ring handy though.

With a Favorite Dessert

If you think a dessert is too commonplace a thing to hide the engagement ring in, then here is another one that too involves a dessert. Get a pastry chef to bake a small cake in the shape of a ring box, and plant the real ring in between the pillowy inside of the box. Have it served to her at the end of dinner at a restaurant or present it yourself after a meal that you specially prepared to preclude the occasion.

Inside a Seashell

A very romantic way of proposing is to have her find the ring by an on-purpose accident. This one involves ensconcing the ring inside a shell and leaving it on the beach safely tucked away from the water. Take her for a walk along the shoreline and lead her way to the perfect-looking shell that holds the treasure inside.

During a Scrabble Match

If you and your partner are tough adversaries in Scrabble, then it can’t be better than a proposal made during a scrabble match with words spelled out with scrabble pieces. 

Hidden Inside a Book

Book lovers may have second thoughts about it, but hiding the ring inside a hollowed-out book is a lovely surprise.

At Disneyland

Very few people can say that they started their life together at Disneyland. You can be one of those rare people if you have two tickets to Disneyland and a stunning ring in your pocket. Pop the question when you are in the castle of a Disney princess. That’s you “happily ever after”.

With Movie Ticket Stubs

If you have the ticket stubs from all the movies you have been to with her preserved somewhere, spell out your proposal on a blackboard using these mementos from back in time as a way of remembering the time spent together.

In a S’More

A ring is just the thing that fits snugly inside a marshmallow. Sandwich with a cube of chocolate and two graham crackers and there’s your proposal in a S’More. Try not to do this before a bonfire or you might end up having a very sweet and roasted engagement ring.