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Read This Before Buying CBD Vapes

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Vaping CBD is one of the easiest and most effective ways to enjoy this non-intoxicating cannabinoid. With there being wide differences in quality between the various CBD vapes on the market, however, it pays to learn everything there is to know about this hemp product category before you make a purchase. In this guide, learn everything you should keep in mind as you hunt down the perfect CBD pen for your needs.

What Are CBD Vapes?

CBD vapes are vape pens that contain CBD-rich hemp extract. Usually offered either in the form of vape cartridges that attach to rechargeable batteries or disposable vape pens, CBD vapes can contain a wide variety of different extract types and additional ingredients. Only two ingredients are acceptable in CBD vapes, however, and third-party lab reports should always be provided to verify the quality of a CBD vape you’re considering buying.

CBD Vape Buying Checklist

Not sure where to start when it comes to choosing a CBD vape to buy online? Use this simple checklist to make sure you end up with a high-quality CBD vape that will fully fulfill your needs:

— No Harmful Ingredients

Vapes have nowhere near the ability to harm as is claimed by sensationalized media stories, but that doesn’t mean all vape products are 100% safe. In the end, it comes down to the ingredients included, and as long as there’s nothing in your vape that doesn’t come from hemp or cannabis flower, you’re generally in the clear.

The vapes produced by the popular hemp brand Bonata, for instance, are excellent examples of exactly what to do when producing CBD vape products. Containing zero PG, VG, or vitamin E acetate, the only two ingredients in Bonata’s vapes are full-spectrum CBD distillate and cannabis-derived terpenes. That’s all you need to make an excellent vape, and any additional ingredients would only harm instead of help. (1)

— Third-Party Lab Reports

Lab reports produced by a reputable third-party laboratory will serve as indispensable tools as you select the right CBD vape for your needs. It’s a sign that a CBD vape company values transparency and has nothing to hide if they provide their lab tests front and center on every single product page.

Complete CBD vape lab reports include information on cannabinoid and terpene potency along with mycotoxin, heavy metal, and residual solvent levels. If any of this information is missing, you will be incapable of independently verifying the quality of the CBD vape product in question.

— Company Reputation

You can learn a lot about a CBD vape manufacturer from a single Google search. Look through all the information you can find on a CBD brand before you buy any of its products, including reviews on external websites and product reviews left by customers. If a CBD vape brand seems unreliable in any way, choose a competitor instead.

— Vape Quality

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but if an in-depth analysis reveals any points of concern regarding a CBD vape product, remember that there are many higher-quality vapes out there to discover. A CBD vape should include purified distillate, and genuine cannabis terpenes, and feature high-quality hardware and clear, professionally edited product photos.

— Type of Extract

Most CBD vapes on the market now contain full-spectrum CBD distillate instead of the lower-quality option, CBD isolate. The quality of the terpenes present in CBD vapes, however, varies considerably.

While there’s no indication that they’re unsafe, botanical terpenes are difficult to mix and often taste too harsh. Cannabis terpenes (which don’t get you high) are considered to be the gold standard in CBD vapes.

— Terpenes

Whether they’re derived from cannabis or other plants, the balance of terpenes present in your CBD vape will have a major impact on its effects. Terpenes from strongly Sativa-leaning strains, for instance, usually provide uplifting and energizing effects while Indica terpenes are more relaxing or even sleep-inducing. CBD vapes with hybrid terpenes provide a mixture of Indica and Sativa effects.

How to Choose the Best CBD Vape for Your Needs

You now know how to select between high-quality CBD vape brands and companies that won’t make the cut, but how do you choose a vape that’s perfect for you? If you want to vape CBD to help with depression or anxiety, you might be better off with an uplifting Sativa strain.

People combating chronic pain every day, however, generally prefer CBD vapes with hybrid terpenes. If you’re planning to vape CBD to relax in the evening or get to sleep at night, give a full-blooded Indica a shot. (2)