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Robin Williams Once Made A Gorilla Laugh After 6 Months Grieving For Her Lifelong Companion


As we get closer to another anniversary of the death of the amazing Robin Williams and yet another year without his radiating charms and talents, we wanted to share a video with you of the person who left not only a tremendous legacy behind but marked our childhood memories, permanently. 

Below is a video of the gorilla named Koko from long ago with Robin Williams. He met Koko while she has been mourning over her best friend’s death. Michael, her gorilla companion, had passed away at 27. What’s fascinating is that Koko spent the next six months without smiling until she met the actor. 

Koko can understand spoken English and has great command of sign language, so she was able to express that the actor made her laugh and cheer her up. She instructs Robin to tickle her, and at one point she takes his glasses and puts them on her face.

Communicating with her is not hard at all, she understands spoken English and uses over 1000 signs to communicate about daily life, feelings, even death. 

Williams was an ambassador for the Great Ape Conservation, so no wonder he made a huge impact on Koko right out the gate. 

The actor helped Koko in a time of grief, and after she learned of his passing, she was signing her sadness, lip quivering, and head bowed. Her lifelong coach Penny Peterson said following the death of Robin, she was somber and low-key. She remembered Robin, for he was the one who brought her out of her mourning for Michael and shed some light into her life with his warmth, positivity, and radiating energy. 

As for Robin, from his interaction with Koko up to his work and legacy, we can see how he impacted people’s lives no matter where he went and what he did. Some people came here on earth to move others and make a difference just by being themselves.

Here’s to you, Robin! Sail calmly through eternity.