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Facts on Blondes -12 Facts Why Blondes Are Special Girls!

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A friend of mine (who happens to be blonde) always says that it takes a hairdresser to dye your hair, but it takes confidence to be blonde. And we can see from so many iconic figures from the past and present that this might be true.

People like Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Tailor Swift, Kate Moss, just to mention a few, are all famous for their blonde hair.

These iconic blondes weren’t the only ones who loved or love this color. Millions and millions of blonde ladies visit their hair stylists every month in order to be blonde.

And the hair color is as popular as ever, so it seems like you can’t make a wrong fashion choice if you go blonde.

12 Facts on blondes:

1. Statistically, around one in three women are blondes, but most of them dye their hair. If you’re naturally blonde, you should consider yourself special because you’re in the 2% of people who are natural blondes.

2. Another reason why you should consider yourself special if you’re a natural blonde is the fact that natural blondness is a result of a really small genetic mutation. How small? Imagine one different hair in billions of others.

3. Hair color can change. Thus, you can be blonde as a child, and go dark later in your childhood. The reason for this is the level of eumelanin, which regulates the darkness of the hair and usually rises with age.

4. If you have blonde hair, it doesn’t mean that you have also blue eyes. There is no connection between the color of the hair and the eyes in the case of blondes.

5. Blonde also doesn’t come in one shade, but around 30. You can be grey blonde, brown blonde or café au lait blonde. And there is a visible difference between the shades. For instance, you might look good with one shade, but look unnatural with another shade. There is even a shade called strawberry blonde, which is a combination of blonde and red.

6. Dark skin comes with dark hair? Not always. The Melanesians of New Guinea are a dark-skinned group of humans with a high blonde hair rate. However, the gene that makes their hair blonde is not the same gene mutation that happens to blonde Caucasians.

7. Some scientists believe that men who have blond hair and blue eyes are naturally more attracted to blondes. The reason for that lies in evolutionary psychology.

Namely, parents pass blonde hair and blue eyes to children only if both of them are blonde and blue-eyed.

In other words, your children will have those traits for sure only if both you and your partner have them. Thus, blond and blue-eyed men might be instinctively attracted to women with the same traits so that their children will look like them.

8. Statistics show that blondes are more hairy. It’s true, blondes have more hair on their head compared to the rest. Experts say that the reason for this is in the quality of the hair. Namely, blonde hair is finer and the scalp can “hold” more hair.

9. From Marilyn Monroe we learned that gentlemen prefer blondes. This might be true, according to science. Studies show that blondes are the most attractive to men. Statistics show that they are more likely to be helped when they need assistance and to be picked up in a bar. 

10. However, other studies show men having a different opinion for blondes. Namely, Scandinavian Journal of Psychology published a research implying that men consider blondes as needy, high-maintenance, and neurotic.

11. The stereotype of “dumb blonde” is so popular that men actually behave more stupid in the presence of a blonde woman. French researchers tested the hypothesis on men who were shown blonde women and dark-haired women while taking a test. The scores were lower when they looked at the blondes.

12. Whether they consider them dumb or not, wealthier men tend to marry blondes more often than dark-haired women. Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) discovered that blondes not only end up with wealthy men, but they are also paid more.