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The Secret To Your Personality Is The Length Of This Finger (Mine Was Spot On)

finger length personality

We use our hands every day. However, we may have never thought that the length of our fingers reveals so much about us and our character. 

Finger Length Meaning – What Does Your Fingers’ Length Say About Your Personality?

The length of a person’s fingers determines their personality. Namely, the size of the index finger and the length of the ring finger (or the fourth finger) is the ratio that gives us information about the testosterone levels in the person, and therefore, it reveals their character.  (1)

Ring Finger Longer Than Index Finger: Meaning

People with index fingers longer than their ring fingers are individuals that are full of confidence and assertiveness. And even though they can also be introverts, these people are go-getters, and they work hard to accomplish their goals. They want to work on their own; that’s how they remain in focus. 

Moreover, they hate being interrupted while they work or do something. They are also very punctual and organized, and they do everything on time. And even though they are thankful for the things they have accomplished, they always want and strive for more. Their ambition is the fuel that is driving them through life.

People with ring fingers longer than index fingers have very good manners. They are polite, and people come to them whenever they need help with something. These people are excellent brainstormers and offer great solutions to any problem. These people make amazing writers, politicians, motivational speakers, and teachers. (2)

Ring Finger Size Meaning

The length of the ring finger symbolizes charm and assertiveness. Namely, people with long ring fingers are very charismatic and confident. They are excellent talkers and negotiators. They can talk their way out of every situation or problem. As a result, people with long ring finger sizes tend to be more successful in a corporate setting than people with smaller ring fingers. 

These people are compassionate and caring, and they are often chief executive officers, scientists, engineers, and soldiers. They have a sharp mind, and so they don’t have trouble completing crossword puzzles. On the negative side, men and women who have long ring fingers tend to be unfaithful in relationships, according to a study reported in the UK’s Daily Star. 

Index Finger And Ring Finger Of Similar Lengths: Meaning

When the ring and index finger are of equal lengths, it means that the person is compassionate and empathetic. These people are peacemakers. They are very calm and collected individuals. They tend to avoid conflicts at all costs and believe that everything can be solved in a peaceful manner. 

These individuals are loyal and faithful when they are in a relationship and are tender and caring lovers. They are selfless and giving, and they want to do everything good for their partner. They are also trustworthy, and people trust them with their secrets.

Their dark side gets exposed when people try to take advantage of them. Then, they can get angry and set clear and firm boundaries. They don’t let anyone disrespect them or put them down. And even though they appear soft and fragile, they have a steel heart and can defend themselves.

And because of their caring and empathic nature, these people are great therapists, social workers, and doctors. However, they are also at more risk of developing symptoms of anxiety and depression.  (3)

Finger Length Personality: A Study

According to two studies published at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, there is a link between relative digit length and dementia or cognitive impairment in older people. (1)

The researchers used USC’s Understanding America Study, an online panel of more than 8,000 American households. First, they compared people who reported having longer index fingers to those with longer ring fingers. They have previously completed a series of cognitive tests, and then the researchers compared the results.

The results suggested that young women with longer index fingers scored higher in the tests than women with longer ring fingers. However, older women scored lower on the cognitive tests than younger women. What’s interesting is, the oldest women with longer index fingers scored the same or higher than women with longer index fingers, and older women scored the same as younger women. In men, there were no such differences.

In conclusion, prenatal male hormone exposure is helpful to preserve cognition in older women, thus making them less prone to Alzheimer’s disease. 

Female Personality According To Finger Length

Career choice in women can be determined by the length of her fingers. So, women with longer ring fingers tend to have more traditionally male jobs, such as managers or lawyers. On the other hand, women with longer index fingers are more likely to work as nurses or teachers.

In other words, the finger ratio, also known as the 2D:4D (digit) ratio, is related to the amount of testosterone (the male hormone) that the fetus is exposed to in the womb. And so, those babies with a shorter 2D:4D ratios have been exposed to more testosterone than babies with a longer 2D:4D ratio. 

When it comes to women, those that were exposed to prenatal testosterone are more confident, assertive, risk-taking, and even aggressive when accomplishing their goals.

But, when it comes to men… 

A Long Index Finger Means He Is Rude

If a man’s index and ring finger are similar in length, then he is more likely to be polite, calm, caring, attentive, and agreeable (especially with women). However, if his ring and index fingers are of different lengths, then it means that he is probably stubborn, rude, aggressive, and problematic due to the high testosterone levels.

What does finger length meaning for your personality?

They say you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their hands. This is certainly true especially when it comes to analyzing body language.

But did you know that you can also tell a lot about someone’s personality just by looking at the length of their little finger?

Finger length personality

Look at the picture below and decide which type you are – A, B, or C. Then read on to find about your personality. You will be surprised by how accurate this is.



finger length personality

When it comes to expressing your emotions, you are closed and reserved. You are an introvert at heart, and you don’t share your thoughts and feelings easily, especially not with those that aren’t close to you. When others look at you, they see you as a strong and independent individual.

You despise lies and hypocrisy more than anything in the world because it is against your nature – which is genuine and honest. You are a loyal person and would do everything for your loved ones, but you expect honesty and loyalty from others too.

On the other hand, you tend to be cold and reserved to other people you are not that close with. You sometimes appear as arrogant and eccentric, and you don’t have that much tolerance to deal with things that bother you.

However, you have a heart of gold inside of you. And only those close to you can see that loving nature of yours. You enjoy spending time with your close friends and family, and you are always having a great laugh. You are the amusement of the group.


finger length personality tipe B

You are a very loyal and sensitive person. When you are in love, the other person becomes the sole center of your universe, and you make sure to give them your full attention and love. They are always on your mind, and you strive to connect with them on a deep level.

On the other hand, you are scared of being hurt, so you shield yourself from giving too much of yourself to others. You like others to think of you as someone who doesn’t need anyone to be happy, but deep down you dream of finding your soulmate.

You are very committed to everything you do in life, be it your career, education, family, friends, you name it. Plus, your devotion enables you to achieve anything you set your mind on. By your hard work and your persistence, you complete any task successfully.

You have a calm nature, and you don’t like confrontations. However uncomfortable you may feel during tense situations, you always remain calm which is a trait that not many have.



You are an optimistic person, full of life, and negative thoughts don’t stay long with you. You don’t hold grudges. When someone offends you, you forgive and forget easily because in your pure heart there is no place for negativity.

However, you may sometimes come out as demanding and egocentric especially when you argue with someone about something that you know you are right. But, if you feel like you’ve gone too far you’ll be the first to apologize even if you are not entirely wrong.

You are very straightforward, and people always know where they stand with you. You value their opinions, and you respect their feelings. However, when it comes to your emotions and your problems – you close off and keep them to yourself.

You love familiarity. You love security. You fear the unknown, and you tend to stay away from it. You should try to step out of your comfort zone from time to time and experience new things that life has to offer you.

The Secret To Your Personality Is The Length Of This Finger (Mine Was Spot On)