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Self-Love is the First Step towards Healing

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We have all had experiences in life which set us back. Toxic people and instances put us through doubt and made us love ourselves a little less. Bitter memories and their flashbacks work as a barrier against healing and self-loving. However, the truth is, self-love is the first step to leave those memories behind. It makes you stronger and unbreakable. It escalates your self-esteem and gives you the confidence to live without being validated by anyone else.

What is self-love? Is it driven by tangible or non-tangible things? Will retail therapy help you obtain it or reading an inspirational book make you love yourself more? The answer is no. These activities may temporarily divert you from basking in your existing ordeal but they will not help you grow self-love.

Self-love is an appreciation for oneself that includes our physical, psychological, and spiritual growth. It does not revolve only around our strengths and optimism. It also takes into account our weaknesses and leaves us with little to no need to explain away or focus on our shortcomings. Self-love makes you compassionate towards yourself, helps you place value in the purpose of life, and brings you to achieve self-actualization.

Four Prescriptions for Self-Love

  1. Set Boundaries

The wear and tear we go through are often because we let people in our life cross boundaries affecting our emotional and physical health. This should be the first step towards healing and growing self-love. Set boundaries keeping your previous experiences in mind. What triggered you before should never be able to do it while you are on your way to healing yourself. Make use of the word ‘no’ in situations of love, work, and family settings that have the potential to deplete your physical and emotional health.

  1. Forgive Yourself

Humans learn through experiences. Nobody came into this world learned and prepared. We need to realize that it is only human to make mistakes. Taking responsibility for our actions should not resonate with us being hard on ourselves. If we do not forgive ourselves, we will not be able to move on, thus, barring ourselves from learning and growing. A mistake is not a failure if we have learned and grown from those instances.

  1. Live Purposefully

A man with a plan is halfway through his plan. When you attach a purpose to your life, the entire universe starts coming together for you to achieve that purpose. Your aim does not have to be big or crystal clear.  It could be as simple as to live a healthy life or be financially independent. Even such simple purposes give meaning to your life. And when you take one step closer to achieving your target, you will feel accomplished and fall in love with yourself.

  1. Practice Self-care

Don’t translate it into being dressed up all the time. Self-care involved indulging in activities that bring joy and positivity in your life. Take care of your basic needs such as eating healthy food, consuming supplements, taking proper sleep, and engaging in intimacy and healthy social relationships. If you are wondering about taking dietary supplements, SETINC is a detailed directory of reviews where you can read various product reviews.