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Seven Ways to Strengthen Your Presentation Writing



A good presentation keeps your audience interested and engaged all the way through. More importantly, it should convey all the necessary information in a meaningful manner that the audience will have no problem understanding. If you feel that when you are writing a presentation some of these aspects are not covered, then you came to the right place. Our current article will demonstrate how to improve your presentation writing skills in seven easy steps. By the end, you should have all the tools you need to send a clear message to your listeners, and make a rock-solid point.

Start with an outline

Every action needs a clear plan, the same goes with creating a presentation. It is important to have a clear outline that will guide you through and help you avoid straining from your intended path. According to expert opinion, this is how to write a presentation outline.

  • Presentation goal – What is the purpose of your presentation, what reaction you wish to trigger with your audience? These are the questions you should answer in order to define your goal.
  • Audience analysis – Different audience has different needs, interests, even levels of communication. Therefore, to really hook your audience you need to understand them.
  • Structure – Based on your goals and audience decide on the topics you wish to cover. Then break these topics into several points that explain the topics in more details using some supporting information.

Be Active

Avoid using passive voice when you write your presentation. Active voice puts your audience in the moment, it sounds sharp, but most importantly – people that use English as a second language understand active voice much easier. Remember the formula for an active sentence – Subject+Verb+Object.

Use imagery and metaphors

It goes without saying that your presentation should contain facts, information that I relevant and usable for your audience. However, throwing numbers and statistics at your listeners can make your presentation a bit “dry”. Therefore, it is a smart choice to use metaphors and imagery in order to emphasize your point and bring some abstract concepts a bit closer to those who listen to you.

Be an editor

It’s not a good practice to settle with your initial draft, no matter what you write. Read your content several times to pinpoint the weak spots and eventual grammar or spelling mistakes. If you don’t have enough time or appropriate skills for this endeavor, you can hire a professional essay writing service studyclerk to edit your presentation.

Words to avoid

Try to avoid using words like “amazing” as a form of description. Better try and explain what makes that particular concept amazing through a list of benefits or a specific point. In addition, avoid vague concepts like “Some” or “Many”, rather provide information that explains the specific amount. The list of words you should avoid also depends on your target audience.

Kill Clichés

Use your own way to describe a certain situation or make a statement instead of adopting phrases and syntaxes that are “trendy” or “popular”. Show that you can convey your own ideas in your own words, this will make your presentation authentic. Implementing overused sentences annoys people, and displays a lack of effort.

Clarify points with stories

How to write a presentation that distributes your points clearly? Your best chance is to bring in some real-life stories that prove your point. Search online for success stories related to what you are trying to prove and present them in accordance with your needs. The story doesn’t always have to be industry related, but it has to make your point clearer.


Writing is a technique, and as such it requires practice and the use of appropriate tools. The more you practice and the more tools you have in your hands, the more will your writing skills advance. These pieces of advice should help you enhance your presentation writing, but don’t forget to keep educating yourself and find new ways to create compelling and engaging presentations for your audience.