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Sex doll or virtual dating- Which one is best for single men in 2021?


The year 2021 also appears to be like 2020. Although there are vaccines, but not enough to grant immunity to the whole world or even a whole country. And it is due to this reason that governments continue to impose restrictions and lockdowns. Gatherings and events are still closely monitored and unnecessarily large gatherings have been prohibited. This means that going out without an essential reason is also a no-no. Moreover, when you know that many are yet to be vaccinated, going on actual dates or having a hookup is quite risky. Hence, in 2021, single men will have to depend on safer options such as sex dolls or virtual dating.

In order to understand which one is the best option, we need to look at the pros and cons of both.

Virtual Dating

All forms of dating occurring online or through devices such as phones is considered virtual. Online dating is virtual dating; apps and websites are the channels.


  • Can be easily accessed through the internet and a device like a phone or a laptop.
  • Signup is easy and requires minimal effort.
  • Connects you to a large group of people with similar interests and location.
  • You can choose whom you want to connect with and then get to know them.
  • Virtual applications such as chat and video chat can help in getting intimate, without actually getting together, keeping one safe.


  • A person online could be very different from the same person in real life.
  • it is easier to hide true identities and lie on virtual platforms.
  • Scammers find this an easy way to extort money.
  • Online sex may not be as real for some people.

Sex Dolls

Sex dolls come under the sex toy category as essentially you are using an inanimate object to satisfy your carnal desires.


  • Easy to order online and delivered to your doorstep.
  • Readily available with you to enjoy yourself anytime.
  • One doesn’t have to “woo” the partner in order to get to sex.
  • Sex dolls today are very close to the human likeness and they can fulfill certain desires for companionship in these difficult times.


  • A sex doll – though it provides pleasure, cannot substitute a real human woman.
  • It can lead to unhealthy attachments to an inanimate object.
  • A sex doll cannot equate to a committed relationship and can only fulfil physical desires.
  • With a real woman, you have someone to talk to, someone who will understand you. But with a doll, no such requirements are fulfilled.

Sex dolls and virtual dating both have their pros and cons and one needs to decide which one they prefer based on their desires. It also depends on the availability of these options. For example, in order to get a sex doll, one needs to have sufficient amount of money and budget to buy one and get it shipped. The seller should be delivering in the buyer’s area so he can get it easily. Without these two factors, it will be difficult to source a sex doll. So, it is choice and convenience that comes into play here. In case of virtual dating, it is relatively easier to access the channels for it, however, a good internet connection is mandatory. There are also risks with the type of people you find online and the information you share with them. Precautions such as not divulging identifiable information or avoiding any cash transactions must be taken. One also needs to think about how many genuine people are online, because it is difficult to tell if the woman you are talking to is a woman or actually a man pretending to be a woman and waiting to scam you. Virtual dating has variety and even sex dolls have varied options such as anime dolls. Both options are available and single men can choose the one that appeals to them the most.