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Dating Tips for When You’re Newly Single


Breakups are hard. No matter how amicably the relationship ended or whether it was your decision to break up, it was a horrible experience. Many people would also agree that being single can be just as hard, especially if you are used to being in a relationship.

Putting yourself out there when you’re newly single can be very intimidating, but you also can’t isolate yourself forever. Eventually, you need to take the next step and consider dating again.

How long after a breakup you should start dating will differ from person to person. Some people may be fine to get back out there after a few weeks, while others may need a year or even more. Whatever the case may be, if you’re ready to start dating as a newly single person, we have some tips for you.

Try online dating

Online dating is a great way for you to dip your toes into the water as a newly single person, because there is no commitment required, and you can get an idea of who a person is before you agree to go on a date with them.

However, keep in mind that online dating can be dangerous at times, so be sure to tell your friends if you’re meeting up with someone. You can also use Truthfinder to research your online date beforehand.  

You need to be ready

Many people have been in relationships for so long that they don’t know how to be on their own anymore, so they start dating simply because that’s what they are used to.

But it’s important that you are ready to date. Often, this means being okay on your own before you put yourself out there. It’s not fair to enter a new relationship if you’re still hung up on your ex, because you will constantly be comparing them.

Give yourself some time to truly get over your past relationship and come to terms with being single before you start dating again.

You need support

Most people have one of two reactions when they break up with someone. Either they completely isolate themselves from society and want to be left alone all the time, or they try to ignore their feelings and try to stay busy by going out every night.

These aren’t the best options. You shouldn’t be alone all the time when you’re newly single – you need to be able to lean on your loved ones. Similarly, you shouldn’t try to avoid your feelings.

You need to face them head-on, and this often means talking to someone about how you are feeling. Going through a breakup and being newly single can be hard, so there’s no need to feel ashamed about needing support. If you’re having trouble expressing your feelings, this post may be able to help you.

Think about what you want

It’s important to decide what you want from dating. Do you want a casual fling, or are you looking for something serious? You need to be upfront about what you want so that you and your date can be on the same page.

This may sound scary, but rather you know now than a few months down the road. After all, you don’t want your heart to get broken again. If someone doesn’t want what you want, you probably won’t be able to change their mind.

Go on a blind date

Choosing a date can be stressful, especially if it’s your first date after being newly single. So why not have someone else do the choosing for you?

This way, you are diving into the deep end, but once the first date is over, it will be much easier to get into the swing of things. Blind dates can be great for reintroducing you to the dating world since they are generally very low pressure.

Of course, you will still feel a bit nervous, and that is totally fine! Just be sure to do these things on a first date.

Be brave

Putting yourself out there on a good day is scary. But putting yourself out there after a breakup, especially a bad breakup? That’s a nightmare. We get it. You don’t want to get hurt again.

But you can’t let fear rule your life. If dating will make you happy, it’s a risk you need to take. Be brave, and have faith that you won’t get hurt. And just remember that you’ve already survived at least one breakup, so you’re stronger than you think.

Don’t let yourself go

When you’ve been in a serious or long-term relationship, that person starts to feel like a part of you. and when they are gone, it feels like there’s no purpose to anything. All you want to do is wallow in sadness.

You can do this . . . for a while. Cry your heart out, eat all the ice cream, and then you need to remember there’s more to life than being in a relationship. You need to take care of yourself before you start dating. If you have no idea where to start, start by doing these simple things to take care of yourself.

Be strong

When you’re newly single, you are vulnerable, which means you may want comfort. And, of course, this may mean that you are tempted to go back to your ex.

Don’t. You need to be strong. While some relationships can make it work on a second chance, you still need to allow yourself to experience the single life and dating before even considering it. Remember that there is a reason why you broke up, so every time you want to go back to them, remind yourself of that reason.

In conclusion

Dating while newly single can be a scary thing to do, but it can also be worth it. The important thing is to make sure that you are ready to start dating again.

If you aren’t, then you need to remember that it’s okay to be single for a while. You don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy.