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She Is Going To Be The Woman You Wish You Married And The One You’ll Regret Letting Go Of

i regret letting her go

She is going to be the woman you wish you married because by the time you realize how much you hurt her and what an amazing person you had by your side, she’ll be gone.

By the time you realize how foolish you were to let her slip through your fingers and by the time you begin regretting letting her go, it’ll be all over.

She Is Going To Be The Woman You Wish You Married And The One You’ll Regret Letting Go Of

This woman loved you unconditionally. She showed you every part of her. She undressed her soul and showed you her vulnerable sides.

She was there for you. She stayed by your side through thick and thin. She treated your problems like they were her own.

She was your best friend. Your cheerleader. Your greatest help. Your most loyal companion.

She supported every goal and dream you had, no matter how silly and unrealistic they seemed to everyone else. Because she believed in you. She believed you could achieve anything you put your mind to.

She gave you her all. She wore her heart on her sleeve. She wasn’t afraid to show you how much she loved you. She wasn’t afraid of getting hurt.

She let you touch parts of her soul that have never been touched before.

She sacrificed herself for you. She sacrificed her happiness and desires for you because you were the most sacred and precious thing in her life. 

She gave you the most precious thing she had – her heart.

And what did you do?

You broke it. You broke it into thousands of tiny pieces and left her to pick them up on her own. You shattered her hopes and left without looking back to see the chaos you created in her life. The desert you created in her soul.

This woman devoted herself to you and gave you all her love and you spat on it.

You took her for granted. You played with her feelings.

With your charm and sweet words, you convinced her that you loved her. You fed her hopes with your lies, big promises, and grandiose stories.

You made her believe she was the only one.

But all that was a lie. An outright, painful lie.

Yes, you traded genuine, pure, once-in-a-lifetime kind of love for an empty, meaningless life. It was easier for you to push her away than stay with her and weather the storm together when heavy, dark clouds appeared across the horizon.

It was easier for you to give up on her than fight for her – as she fought for you.

But trust me. Although you might not feel it now, one day, when you expect it the least, it will hit you. When you walk past the places where you used to spend time and have fun together, memories of her will come back to you, and you’ll realize that you lost the woman that could have made you the happiest person alive if you had let her.

You’ll realize how stupid you were for breaking her heart. For bruising her soul. For destroying her hopes. For allowing her to slip away.

You’ll realize that what you had with her was real. Pure. Magical.

You’ll realize that the connection you had with her happens only once in a lifetime.

But the sad part is that you’ll realize all these things when it’s too late. When she’s gone far away.

Because this woman lived like a bird trapped in a cage. But she decided to put an end to that. She decided to spread her wings and fly away.

When you realize how foolish you were for pushing her away, she’ll be with a man who will know how to treat and love her right. A man who will fight for her and choose her every single day.

She’ll be with a man who will never be “too busy” to spend some time with her. A man who will enjoy every moment spent with her.

She’ll be with a man who will never allow himself to be the reason behind her sadness. A man who will hate to see her sad and hurt. A man who will never play with her feelings and break her heart.

She’ll be with a man who will never leave her when things get rough. Instead, he’ll stay and try to fix every problem that appears in the relationship.

Because he’ll be truly and madly in love with her. Because he’ll be afraid of losing her. Because he’ll know her worth and he’ll be aware of what an amazing, precious person he has in his life.