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She’s Going To Be The Girl You Wish You Married And The One You’ll Regret Letting Slip Away

the kind of girl regret losing

She’s going to be the girl you wish you married because by the time you realize what you’ve done and how much you’ve hurt her, she’ll be gone.

She is going to be the kind of girl you will regret losing because by the time you realize her worth, kindness, compassion, and unselfishness, it will all be over.

She’s going to be the girl you wish you married because you were too foolish allowing yourself to lose her.

By the time you become aware of her pure, deep, unconditional love for you, and start regretting losing the girl who looked at you like you were the only one in the world, she’ll be in the warm, comforting embrace of another man.

This woman’s love for you was genuine and intense. She loved you with all her heart and every part of herself. Her world revolved around you. You were the purpose of her life. The reason for her happiness. The source of her peace and strength.

You were her all.

She was brave. She wasn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve. Moreover, she did that unwaveringly and proudly. She wasn’t scared to reveal her vulnerable side to you.

She chose YOU to give you the most important and sacred treasure someone can be ever entrusted with – her heart. She did that because you promised you’d always protect it from all the evils and pain in the world. Because you promised you’d never allow anyone and anything to break it.

And the irony in all this was that you broke her heart yourself.

You shattered the hopes of the girl who cared about you like no other person ever has. She was always there for you. She stood by your side when you were at your lowest and gave her best to lift you up.

She was your best friend, your greatest help and comfort, your biggest fan.

She gave you her unswerving support to pursue all your goals and dreams because she believed in you. She believed the man she loved was capable, strong, and brave to achieve anything.

She wanted to make you feel like you were the most loved, respected, and important person in the world. She just wanted to love you and be loved by you.

And how did you respond to her love and kindness?

You decided to throw it all away. You decided to replace true, one-of-a-kind love for an empty life. To take her for granted. To bruise her soul. To play with her heart like she didn’t have feelings, like she was just a toy you could play with as long as you wanted and then dispose of it when you no longer needed it.

You decided to give up on her.

You decided to give up without a fight. You ran when times got tough. It was easier for you to leave everything behind you than to stay, fight the storms, and fight for the woman who chose you out of all men.

You didn’t bother looking behind you. You did not stop for a second to think of the woman who was ready to do anything to make you happy. You didn’t care that you left her unprepared to face the cruel truth that she had to move on with her life without the person she loved the most.

You left her to pick up the scattered pieces of her heart by herself. She was confused, scared, and hurt. You taught her that some battles aren’t worth fighting for. That love is real only if both partners are headed in the same direction. If they’re both willing to commit.

But you know what? Although you might not feel it now, one day when you least expect it, it’ll hit you. When you pass past the places in the city where you used to spend time together, memories of her will come flooding back to you and you’ll realize that you lost the girl who could’ve made you the happiest person in the world if you had allowed her.

You’ll realize that the connection you had with her was deep and real. That the love you experienced with her was pure and genuine – the one you get to feel only once in a lifetime. You’ll realize she was your best friend, your soul mate. Your missing half.

It’ll hit you how foolish you were for breaking her heart. For shattering her hopes. For letting her slip through your fingers.

The sad part is, it’ll hit you when it’s too late for you to do anything to change that.

When she’s gone.

She’ll be with another man who will know how to love, cherish, and make her happy. A man who will treat her the way she deserves to be treated – with kindness, patience, and understanding. A man who will make her his priority and make her feel safe and protected.  

She’ll be with a  man who will enjoy spending time with her and who will never leave her when times get tough. A man who will know her worth and won’t be afraid to fight for her. The only thing he’d be afraid of is losing her. A man who will be grateful for having such an amazing person in his life – HER.