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She’s Strong Because Every Time Life Knocks Her Down, She Comes Out As A Winner


She’s strong because she’s been through hell and back. Because she’s been hurt time and time again.

She’s strong because every time life knocks her down, she comes out as a winner.

She’s strong because every single day she silences that little voice in her head that tells her she’s weak and unimportant.

She’s strong because she struggles with her anxious thoughts every single day, and, yet, she doesn’t let them get the best of her.

She’s strong because life often throws her way difficult challenges and unpleasant surprises and she always finds a way to deal with them.

She feels uncomfortable being surrounded by many people. She often worries what others might think or say about her. She’s afraid others might not accept her.

But still, she finds the strength within herself to make new friendships and socialize with others. She finds the strength to hide all her insecurities and fears behind her smile.

She’s strong because she doesn’t let others define her worth. She doesn’t let others tell her what to think or say or how to behave.

She’s strong because she speaks her mind and stands up for herself when others criticize her and try to put her down. She defends herself even when she feels insecure and vulnerable.

She’s the type of girl that can easily lose her focus and get distracted by the people surrounding her. And still, she does her best to direct her whole attention to the task at hand and to what’s important to her.

She tries the hardest she can to be the best at everything she does.

She’s strong because she’s aware of all her weaknesses, insecurities, and fears and she doesn’t let them define her. She doesn’t let them stand in the way to her happiness and success. She tries hard to overcome them.

She works on herself. She works hard to improve herself in every aspect of life.

She’s strong because she hasn’t stopped pursuing her goals and dreams although she’s been told countless times that she’ll fail. That her goals are too high and her dreams unrealistic.

She’s been told that she’s weak and that she doesn’t have what it takes to succeed.

She’s strong because she finds the strength to laugh even when her heart aches and her soul weeps. Because her face is bright even when her world is wrapped in darkness. Because she manages to be cheerful and funny and act carelessly even when her life is falling apart.

She’s strong and exhausted.

She’s tired of putting too much time and effort into everything, especially in people who don’t deserve her trust and love. People who don’t even deserve a tiny bit of her attention.

She’s tired of giving all of her to men who take her for granted and break her heart. Men who can’t see her worth and the purity of her soul.

She’s tired of lifting herself up every time life knocks her down. She’s tired of always being under pressure.

She’s tired of seeing her heart broken and her hopes shattered time and time again.

Yes, she’s tired of a lot of things, but she doesn’t let that kill her spirit. Her courage. Her strength. Her resilience. Her hopes.

She’s strong because she suffers in silence and no one knows that.