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Show, Don’t Tell: There Is A Difference Between Actions And Words

Show, Don’t Tell: There Is A Difference Between Actions And Words

We get our hopes up for people who do much of the talking but don’t live up to those words they’ve uttered, even worse, promised. 

Stop vouching for friends who are there when they need you, but not when you need them. Friends who say they are there for you and they want only the best for you, but cross you over behind your back. They compete with you, they envy you, they expose your deepest insecurities in front of people you are not comfortable or close with and then say they were only kidding. 

Friends who only hang out with you because they’ve no one to hang out with for the night or because they have a favor to ask. 

Why do you let them in? Why do you give them so much power over you? They strip your soul naked and make you feel used and insecure. Vulnerable.

Remember, friends, support each other and listen to each other’s problems. They are the happiest when you’ve achieved a dream of yours and they get drunk with you or eat tons of ice cream when you are feeling down, so you move over hardships a little easier. If you are not getting the same investment in return, why are you still friends with them?

Why do you let abusive partners strip your soul naked on a whole other level, why do you give them the power?

Love is the same as friendship. If you hear people talk much but they don’t walk that talk, it means it’s time to re-question and reconsider the people in your life. 

I mean, sure, we’ve all hurt someone. We’ve all said we cared when we truly didn’t, we’ve all said we are busy working when in fact we just wanted to relax at home by ourselves or spend the night with our partner. Selfish, I know. But it’s true. You are allowed to be a bad friend sometimes, a bad partner, a bad coworker, or a bad parent, a bad daughter or son, but you cannot get too comfortable within that “comfort zone”. You have to try to improve. Eventually, you have to push those limits to prove to somebody just how much you care for them.

You cannot get too comfortable because love and friendship aren’t what you say, they are what you do.

When you truly care, you will do everything to display that care and affection. Through thick and thin. Through the ugly and the bad.