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Slappin’: What You Need To Know About The Fender Jazz Bass


There is a lot of talk in the modern world about starting a band with the hopes of one day becoming well-respected. Of course, the band would consist of four basic instruments, namely vocals, drums, lead guitar, and Bass. Out of all these instruments, the Bass gets drowned out due to the abilities of the others.

Nevertheless, the bass guitar is one of the instruments that people should give more attention to. One of its models in the Fender Jazz Bass proves that these instruments have their place in this world. These four-stringed models hold so much potential for musicians, old or new. It would be a shame not to know a few things about them.

What Is A Jazz Bass?

The Jazz Bass is a model explicitly made by Leo Fender, which differs from the conventional bass guitar. While the Precision Bass typically prioritizes a deeper sound, this model has a brighter and richer tone, hitting midrange and treble. The other benefit of having a bass of this type is its focus is off frequency. These models are designed for playful minds willing to spend hours experimenting with their music. Whether it would be plucking some notes out or slapping out a beat, this is something that must get more attention.

In terms of the physical design, the Precision and Jazz models are also different. The former seems to have a symmetrical lower bout on the body, imitating the Telecasters and Stratocasters. The latter is offset much like a Jaguar or Jazzmaster guitar.

What Do Music Businesses Offer?

Naturally, you would expect a company that invented the Jazz Bass to hold at least a few models for people, and you would be right to think this. The standard models are all available, but those who have a little more to spend can opt for an American Performer, American Professional, or the Original. They all carry that lighter treble tone that the models are known for today.

With the number of models they offer, there is also a matter of models that have been discontinued, and it could be challenging to find them. Part of these models is the Vintage ones which seem to be a loss to some. Luckily, this seemed to have never been forgotten.

Feeling Vintage?

To celebrate one of the most iconic electric bases of all time, Fender released a new model called the Vintera Jazz Bass. This Jazz Bass was meant to be a tribute to some great musicians to have ever picked up the Bass. Think about Jaco Pastorius of the band Weather Report, a man who has also worked with Pat Metheny and Joni Mitchell. Other names include composer and record producer Marcus Miller and Flea of The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

In terms of design, there are three types of Fender Vintera Jazz Bass guitars available on the market. Specifically, there are the 60s Vintera Basses, the 70s Vintera Basses, and the 60th Anniversary Road Worn Edition. The visual aspects of each model differ from one another as the 60s has a thinner neck with dot inlays. The 70s has a chunkier one with a few block inlays and a bound fingerboard. Their period-correct logos and tuners are distinct from exhibiting the vintage feel of the model. In addition, you would expect a “vintage guitar” to sound off with that classic snarl and growl. They do precisely that.

As for the 60th Anniversary edition, there is a worthy purpose for this existence. The first-ever model was introduced in the year 1960. When the times hit 2020, Fender had decided to give tribute to one of the most outstanding instruments they have produced. Being called a worn-out model, this comes with a nitrocellulose finish to show enough of that authentic old-school feel.

Naturally, these have that classic scruffy sound to them. But, while strange to the modern ear, these are simply the charms of a classic Vintera Jazz Bass.