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Soak In The Calmness And The Beauty Of Life: Heal Emotionally, The Right Time Is Now

Soak In The Calmness And The Beauty Of Life: Heal Emotionally, The Right Time Is Now

Emotional healing doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process, but how do you know when you need to go through that process? 

Here are some signs which show that it’s time already:

1. You react first and think second. 

You are so hurt that you feel everything. The outside world is causing you a lot of pressure and distress and your emotional reactions are extreme.

Details set you off and you get easily disappointed and frustrated. That is so because you’ve given so much and you’ve received so little that your emotional shield has shattered into pieces. 

2. You go through a trust crisis. 

Another sign that you need to heal emotionally is the lack of trust. If you cannot relax and take your guard down, if you are mistrusting towards everyone, it might be because many people have let you down and you no longer trust them, especially the newcomers. 

Mistrust is a heavy burden – you cannot lead a genuine conversation, you overthink, and you don’t let people approach you. This is a serious issue, so healing is necessary. You don’t want to miss out on the outstanding people in your life over past traumas. 

3. You are absent-minded. 

Being distracted or having a hard time concentrating is another sign of mental exhaustion. If you are going through a lot emotionally, your mind is fidgeting, thinking about everything at once. It’s hard to control that speed and the thing about it is it is counterproductive. 

You are absent-minded when people talk to you, you cannot do your work properly, and you miss out on being present at the moment. You listen to other people talking like from afar, you’re detached and disconnected from everyday conversations – like being in a bubble that numbs you. 

4. You experience weight problems.

Our body signalizes when we are not happy. You either encounter a loss of appetite or some excessive food cravings to fulfill the emotional void you’re feeling. 

Depression or other emotional challenges are hard to deal with and they influence your body negatively, but remember, losing weight is beneficial only when it’s done under healthy circumstances, not when you forget to take meals regularly. 

5. You feel lifeless.

When being emotionally drained, you can feel tired even though you had a good night’s sleep. Or you get stuck in a safe routine where you are not eager to try anything new or go out with friends and grab a few drinks. You stick to your comfort zone because you feel like there is no point in trying. 

When you laugh, you do it out of courtesy, but in fact, it’s been a while since you felt really happy and excited about something. 

Emotional healing is an individual process. It’s a work in progress, and most importantly, it’s teamwork too. Don’t just isolate yourself.

Break out of your comfort zone and open up. Speak about what happened, don’t keep it to yourself. Sharing and communicating your emotional burdens can be so freeing and powerful. 

Go no contact with the person that hurt you and shut them down from your life. Do not let them hurt you anymore. Or exclude them from your life step by step if it’s easier. 

Take a walk in nature, go camping. Soak in the calmness and the positivity. Breathe in. Breathe out. 

Stuff a huge bawl with forest fruits and make yourself a cup of delicious coffee. Antioxidants do not filter emotional bruising, but they sure provide a lot of vitamins. Revitalize your body. Go dancing. Start writing.

Do whatever works for you, but do it. Don’t waste another day. You owe it to yourself.