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Sometimes Being Appreciated Means More Than ‘I Love You’

more important than i love you

I believe in you. We are so used to people being so negative, that a positive reinforcement like this is very welcome. Being surrounded by people who trust you and confide in you and are not afraid to say that out loud is one of the most precious gifts life can offer you. 

I forgive you. We’ve all botched up, made a mess out of something. We were angry and we hurt somebody with our words, but they forgave us. Having someone to forgive you for what you’ve done is a huge relief. Hearing them say, It’s just water under the bridge, that’s not a negligible thing. After all, we can all learn from our errors and come out as better people that way. We too can learn to forgive. I don’t know about the forget, but the forgive feels pretty amazing. 

I appreciate you. We rarely get to hear the amazing things we’ve done for someone, how much those things meant to that person, and how important we are in other people’s lives. So when you hear that someone recognizes your efforts and sees your worth, you can’t help but smile. We should all utter those words more often to the people we truly care for. Let them know the value they brought in your life. 

You can do it. You are facing a dilemma or a problem, and you don’t know what to do. Or maybe you are still a student who doesn’t know if they’ll pass their exams this term. It can be such a push having to hear someone say, You can do this – there is no other option. You can overcome this,  you are stronger than you think. Ah, music to the ears, right? It encourages you to keep going, to bite the bullet a little stronger this time. 

I am so happy I have you in my life. Now, if this isn’t flattering, I don’t know what is. Who wouldn’t want to hear this? It makes you feel special, it makes you try to be better. More generous, more compassionate, more understanding. Compliments can be such a turning point in our lives. They can inspire us to do more instead of lying around lazy all day. This way, you have a reason to get up and shine, make someone’s day easier.  You are the reason someone is happy, right?

Don’t give up. When dealing with a breakup, or failing to get a job, or dealing with a sinister disease, a chronic disorder,  you need to hear this. You are going through thick and thin, and having someone say to you, Don’t quit, you got this, will help you continue fighting the battle. Because life is a battle after all, and you need reinforcement, you need motivation. Just don’t forget to give it back too. 

You did a great job. Especially in a professional setting. You got your moment to shine, and you used it well. You created something beautiful,  you conducted a presentation, you successfully managed a project, you raised two kids, or you didn’t burn that apple pie. Well, you did a great job, and you need to hear it. It would make your whole day a lot more cheerful and it will boost your confidence.

Be grateful to have heard those words, my friend, because people are stingy with compliments. Help a change be made!