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Step Up For Yourself: Don’t Let People Cross Your Boundaries

Step Up For Yourself: Don’t Let People Cross Your Boundaries

Sometimes the truth comes slowly to us. But sometimes it dawns on you, and you can’t do anything to stop it. Like the time I realized how much I let slide. People can treat you way out of line if you let them. 

The problem with letting people get away with too much is that you think it’s nothing serious. You think is just a phase or you think that’s how it’s supposed to be. You’ve never stood up for yourself, so to you, that’s just part of the norm. Well, it isn’t. 

People can be selfish. Self-oriented. What you do is give them chance after chance and guess what? They are loving it! You have to draw a line somewhere. I mean, nobody is perfect – we all have our flaws, but I have one word for you: BOUNDARIES. 

If someone is repeatedly crossing them, then you should step up and remind them that boundaries are not a fence you jump over, they are to be respected. 

There’s nothing wrong with showing some teeth and raising the stakes up a notch. 

You want to hang out with me? You want to be my friend? You want to be in a relationship with me?  Great, then show some respect. 

Disrespect is not physical, but it hurts like it is. Being voiceless, being ignored just because you are the pro-harmony person, the shy one in the gang does not mean people should behave like 5-year-olds when their toy gets broken if things are not their way. So don’t let them.

Learning how to be heard, learning how to step up and fight for yourself can be a slow journey filled with a lot of backing down and hesitations, but you’ll get there. Say your goodbye to soul-sucking, abusive relationships, fake friends, and condescending bosses. 

Baby steps are all you need. The change you are going to experience is unparalleled. Your voice will be heard and you’ll feel fierce and unstoppable. And you have every right to feel that way. You deserve it. 

Those who will not like that change should perhaps reconsider their own behavior, you – just keep it going. Loud and proud!