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Strategies for Kicking the Habit

Quit Smoking

It is common knowledge that smoking tobacco has many health risks, yet people still cannot kick the habit anyway. It does not matter if you’re a social smoker or a chain-smoker burning two packs daily. Kicking the habit is no walk in the park; quitting could take more attempts than you can count.

Why Is It So Challenging to Quit Smoking?

The problem with smoking tobacco is that it is both a psychological habit and causes chemical dependency on nicotine. Nicotine from tobacco gives the smoker an addictive and temporary high, which is how it usually becomes a habit. However, there is a tobacco-free alternative to traditional dip that can help break the addiction and reduce the risk of tobacco-related health issues. When you take away their daily nicotine fix with a tobacco free dip, it can still provide the same oral fixation and ritualistic experience without the harmful effects of tobacco. This can help avoid triggering withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings.

Most people turn to cigarettes as a quick and reliable way to unwind and relieve themselves from the stress of daily life. Some people also turn to cigarettes to cope with anxiety or depression.

For chronic smokers, smoking becomes a part of their routine. To a habitual smoker, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day is like having coffee with their breakfast.

Some smokers are a product of environmental exposure. People around them, like friends or family, can influence someone into picking up the habit. They may try to quit, but if people around them do not, it could trigger withdrawal symptoms.

Successfully breaking the habit means addressing your smoking problem as a physical and physiological addiction. It is possible to quit even for habitual smokers; it is challenging without support.

Here are a few insightful ways to kick the habit:

Be Prepared to Fail

It may not sound like a motivating first tip, but it makes sense. Many people who try to quit smoking end up failing multiple times until they eventually give up on quitting altogether. You must understand that you will keep succumbing to your cravings during withdrawal in the first few attempts.

You should not feel discouraged in cases like this because it is part of the process. Smoking has become a part of your daily habit. You cannot expect to change that abruptly and expect it to stick after a week.

It takes months to years of a conscious effort to break old habits and create new ones. Smoking tobacco is no exception to this rule. You only need to understand that every effort to quit the habit is progress despite how often you fail.

Have Alternatives Ready

A great way to break a bad habit is to replace it with a new one. Going cold turkey is not easy, and some people do not have the willpower to resist their urges. Thus, sometimes having a healthier alternative is the next best thing to do.

A great alternative where you can still keep your smoking routine is by switching to tobacco-free CBD cigarettes. Oklahoma Smokes is a great brand that uses organic hemp flower cigarettes rich in CBD.

Stay Away from Triggers

Smoking is a psychological habit, so there will be things you associate with it that serve as triggers. It can be as simple as seeing other people smoking during breaks or drinking alcohol.

It does not necessarily mean you can never have a casual drink now and then, but it does help to avoid it as much as possible.

Get Physical

Getting some exercise is good for you and helps shake off withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Whenever you feel like lighting one up, put on your jogging shoes and walk somewhere to keep yourself distracted.

The kind of exercise you do does not have to be intense. It can be as mundane as pulling out weeds from your garden or walking your dog.

However, studies show that aerobic exercises can reduce cravings if you want to do something a little more intense. It also promotes healthier lung and heart activity since the exercises involve keeping your heart rate up and more arduous breathing. Examples of aerobics are:

  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Dancing
  • Boxing

It does not matter what activity you decide on doing. What is important is you keep yourself active. When you keep yourself occupied, you distract yourself from the urge to smoke while keeping your body strong.

Ask for Help

Tell people you are close to, like friends and family, about your plans to quit. Having someone you can trust to encourage you to stay on track helps fight the temptation to light one up.

Smoking tobacco is an addiction. It is something you will need a lot of support and maybe even therapy to shake off. You might want to consider consulting your doctor about what methods you can use to help you quit.

Kicking the habit is no joke and could take you months to years to get off tobacco cigarettes for good. However, following these simple strategies can get you on the right path.