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Strong And Powerful Women Tend To Have A Poor Dating Life


Strong and powerful women have poor dating lives because they are intimidating. Men want to earn a lot of money and get high-paying jobs because it suits their egos and pride, but having a strong and powerful woman doesn’t, so they run away from her. I am the boss. This sentence tells you that a man is doing the job of a boss, but some women have turned these stereotypes upside down. Yes, sometimes, the king is a woman, that woman is incredible, and men tend to find that intimidating. 

These women are not afraid to speak their mind and be emphatic about their desires and needs, so they scare men away. They will not laugh at your jokes and be all cute and smiling if there is something they disagree with. They are real.

Incredibly fierce and outspoken women are independent and put themselves as the priority. Usually, their dating lives suffer because of this, but it’s just these women are busy building their empire, and they feel fulfilled already. 

Independent women have zero tolerance for bullsh*t. It’s not that these women are afraid of failure, pain, or repeating old mistakes. Or that they are only interested in pursuing their dreams and climbing on that social ladder. No. Any intelligent, self-respecting, and attractive woman knows what relationships she deserves to have and what qualities her partner needs to possess.

This woman doesn’t want to waste her energy and time on a man who is afraid to commit. A man who is incapable of loving her the way she deserves to be loved. She knows she doesn’t need a husband to feel safe. She knows she doesn’t need a guy to have kids. She is not afraid to be a single mother and pave the path to her happiness on her own.

This woman would rather stay single than change for someone. She dreams big but stands on the ground firmly with both feet. You cannot win her over with compliments and sweet words only. She is fierce, insatiable, but at the same time, her fierceness pushes away people who are not ready to reciprocate the passion and the zeal she has for life. 

Powerful women haven’t had many dates in their life, not because they are not pretty or funny or attractive. Their dating lives are simple, dry, even because for them love is not the sole center of the universe. It isn’t finding a boyfriend, a time filler. Rather, it is finding someone as real as they are. Bold. Honest. Adventurous. 

Intimidating women don’t go on that many dates, not because their standards are impossible to reach, but because they are intense. They love the hardest, and they are loyal. They are mature, picky, fun, and spontaneous and that flow of intensity, that flow of energy confuses men. But the best part of it all is that these superwomen, despite their vivacious ability to love and their pickiness, they don’t get lost in loving someone. They have a vision and it drives them. 

Remember: It’s not you. It’s how you make people feel. You are a walking miracle, love.