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Strong Women Don’t Beg – High Value Woman Walks Away When She Feels Unwanted

a high value woman walks away

I am sure that every woman found herself in the following situation with a man:

You meet a guy. You like him. It looks like he likes you too. You go on a date with him. Sparks are flying everywhere, and you feel more and more certain that you two are destined to be together and get married.

Then the guy somehow figures out what goes in your head and decides to vanish from the face of Earth. You are suddenly left alone hoping that he will come back, or if he doesn’t you just sincerely hope that he is gay so that you don’t have to face the terrible truth that he doesn’t like you.

Maybe this is a little over the line, but there are definitely moments in the game of dating when the mere moment you decide to show your vulnerable side and let your guard down is the moment when he stops calling.

How Does A Woman Feel When A Man Walks Away?

It’s natural to get frustrated and angry and feel an immense need to go to him and say straight to his face how stupid he was to let you go. And while all this may look like you are fighting for love – for the love of God, please stop! Giving him the attention and bombarding him with text messages will only make you look crazy.

So, rather than being a woman who can’t take a hint – be a high-value woman who walks away from someone who doesn’t see your value(1).

I, myself, still regret wasting my time and energy pining over someone who wasn’t worthy of my love and affection. I should have spent that time traveling and meeting new people. Because, really – the signs were all there. And every sign was telling me to run away from him. But my stupid woman logic refused to leave. So, I stayed until he told me to leave.

Let’s all stop holding onto guys who don’t want to be held. Life is too short for putting your head against a wall and driving yourself crazy over a guy who is already halfway down the road. There is plenty of fish in the sea for you to get stuck with a guy who is not interested in you.

Strong women never beg anyone. Instead, high-value women walk away! They leave the moment they feel that they are no longer wanted. 

Be a woman with courage, be a high-value woman who walks away, a woman who can able to gather the strength to leave a toxic relationship.

How can you know that you are no longer wanted? Here are two definite clues:

1. He never makes an effort to see you.

Let’s face it, if a guy wants to see you – he will. Simple as that. When he begins to make excuses and stops following through with plans, it is time for you to start looking for other options.

2. He acts like he doesn’t care about you.

Men are very simple and easy to read. Just look at his actions, and you will find your truth. If your guy acts like he couldn’t care less about you, the truth is he doesn’t. And you shouldn’t care about him also.

And maybe there are some situations in history when a man chased down a woman and begged her for forgiveness because he realized what he had lost. But, typically, this can only happen in a romantic novel. You need to be with someone who doesn’t need to lose you to understand that he loves you (2).

Why Is Walking Away So Powerful?

When you do your everything for your partner, when you focus on them constantly and make them your priority – you forget yourself. When you hold onto your partner and make them responsible for your happiness and wellbeing, you are going to get hurt inevitably.

Putting yourself first is powerful. Having the strength and courage to walk away from the person who keeps hurting you is powerful. Doing what is best for you is powerful. Leaving an emotionally and physically abusive situation is powerful because it takes all of you to leave someone you love so much because it doesn’t meet your needs.

You cannot stay where you are not wanted. You can’t beg someone who doesn’t want to give what you are asking for. So, the power lies in you. You have the power to put an end to your misery by walking away.

When you walk away from someone, the message you are sending them is that you can be on your own, and you don’t need them for anything, but you have wanted them and loved them.

Plus, if they are ever going to change – this is the moment. Because when you walk away from them, they will get a chance to experience their life without you and they will start missing you. They will realize what you mean to them, and therefore, they will soon start thinking about what they have done wrong and realizing that they have lost an amazing human being. You will be irreplaceable in their eyes.

That’s when they will start chasing you!

When you walk away from them, you will teach them a powerful lesson – that they should never have taken you for granted and let you go.

Why You Should Be Always Willing To Walk Away

When you are willing to walk away, it means you respect yourself. It means you have clear and strong boundaries. It means you love yourself to not allow anyone to mistreat you.

You should be willing to walk away because that shows you are not needy. It shows that you’d rather be alone than with someone who doesn’t appreciate you.

You should be willing to walk away because that proves you have an abundance mindset. It proves you are not scared to lose a relationship if it means you are losing yourself. It demonstrates that your perspective is clear, and you know that opportunities are everywhere around you so that you don’t have to settle for mediocre.

You should be willing to walk away because that means you are strong. Walking away from someone you love hurts. It takes a lot of strength to pull yourself together and decide to put an end to a relationship, especially when it means the world to you.

You should be willing to walk away because that shows you are fearless. It should you are not afraid to be alone. It shows you are a risk-taker and you are not satisfied with living an average life. You would rather be alone than with someone who is not on your energy level and who doesn’t share your vision.

You should be willing to walk away because that shows you are confident. You are confident to know that you deserve better. You are confident in yourself to never settle for less than you deserve. And that’s the ultimate power and self-love.

You should be willing to walk away to protect your dignity. To show them you have strong morals and boundaries, and you won’t allow anyone to cross them.

You should be willing to walk away to protect your peace of mind.

And finally, your willingness to walk away is the key to yourself. It is the key to your freedom. It is the end of the abuse and the beginning of a new chapter for you.