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Synchronicity – The Law That Binds Everything To Happen For A Reason


Try to remember how your last problem got solved. Did someone just appear out of now here offering you a solution? Did a friend of yours offer you help when you thought that nobody could know the answer? Did things start reordering themselves, so you can understand the problem and find a solution in the place you would never think of?

How many times has it happened to you that the moment you start feeling desperate about something, a blissful experience changes it all toward a positive outcome? This is the power of synchronicity. It comes at all levels, from the tiniest and most trivial of things to the largest problems that seem unsolvable.

As Deepak Chopra says, Synchronicity is what many religious traditions call “an anonymous gift from God” or “the state of grace”. It is a positive simultaneous occurrence of events that, although connected, don’t seem like they were meant to happen in that perfect order.

However, everything is meant to happen in the way that is happening. Every challenge and every synchronicity are there because of the way we set our perception of this world. Synchronicities are our connection to the world which materializes in the right moment and at the right place for the right reason.

Believing that things will work themselves out and that your job is to accept your position and start searching for the answer means that you call for synchronicity to work its magic. This belief has led people to reach favorable opportunities in the unlikeliest of places and situations.

synchronicity-lawIn many cases, synchronicity seems like we have been sent a good sign from the Universe or God that tells us that we are not alone. And we really aren’t.

We are all connected to each other and to the Universe. Our greatest power is the feeling of connection we have with everything around us, and starting to believe in this connection strengthens it even further.

“Seeing the world as an extension of yourself,” as Deepak Chopra puts it, means that your soul is embedded in the fabric of existence and you affect the series of events that unfold – the unpredictable nature of the things allows us to affect the pattern and change the reality around us.

Synchronicity is the result of our connection to the rest – it is the proof that we are never alone, and that we all function together in the web of existence.

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