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The 5 Most Popular Strategies for Online Casinos 

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Gambling is not all about luck. You must set out to learn the phases through which each game goes through and develop a strategy that allows you to get as close as possible to a probability of success above fifty percent. 

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The 5 Best Strategies for Online Casinos

As I expressed in previous paragraphs, to win real money with some frequency in an online casino, you must go beyond the basic procedure of an average player. You must spend some time and effort understanding the game dynamics and how to avoid negative streaks.

There are many strategies to try to ride on the laws of chance and take advantage of them in those few moments when their iron grip weakens a little and allows you to snatch some fortune. Some focus on the way of betting, and those are more general and have to do more with the attitude with which you should face any kind of game.

Focusing on the strategies that give you options on how to use your money, I show you what I consider to be the five most popular among players:

Martingale. It is a straightforward strategy based on a concept introduced in probability theory by the French mathematician Paul Levy. The idea is that if you bet on your next opportunity twice what you lost on the previous one, at least you will not have losses, and in short negative streaks, you will make a profit. The big disadvantage is that when many successive losses occur (something that happens very often), you need a lot of capital to recover the money lost up to that moment. When you succeed after a short negative streak, you must return to your initial investment in your next bet.

Anti-Martingale. In the Reverse Martingale, as this strategy is also known, you must double your bet every time you have a hit and return to the initial investment before the end of a short positive streak. The crucial thing is to know when to return to the base bet before losing.

Labouchère. Also called Split Martingale, to use it you must establish beforehand how much money you want to win and then divide that amount into several smaller bets. These form a list without any order. The only requirement is that their sum equals the amount you want to win. The first bet will be the sum of the first value in the list and the last one. If you guess right, you remove those two values from the list; if you lose, you place that value as the last number. Its logic is based on the fact that by eliminating two numbers for a hit and adding only one for a miss, you will undoubtedly win the amount you pre-set unless you run out of capital. It is a less risky strategy than the Martingale.   

Oscar’s Grind. This strategy is based on the idea that there are positive and negative streaks in every bet. In the negative ones, you keep the value of your investment, and you only increase it during the positive streaks. The increase is only one unit. You will make a profit as long as both streaks are of equal duration.

d’Alambert. Finally, this strategy was created by the French gambler and mathematician Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert. It states that when you play, all possible events will occur equally, so if a value has won multiple times, the rest of the values will necessarily have to win the same amount of times, so you should wait for that moment to start placing your bets and increasing its value if you lose and decreasing it if you win. The drawback of this strategy is that it is based on a false principle called “the gambler’s fallacy,” which erroneously states that the probability of an event changes when it occurs when it remains unchanged. 

Final thoughts

To win in online casino games, you must do your part and not leave everything in the hands of good fortune. Using some of the strategies I have referred to or a combination will help you get the winnings you expect and deserve.