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The Billion-Dollar Question: How Do I Fix My Life?


The billion-dollar question: How do I fix my life? 

How do I fix all this mess?

What do I do to heal? 

Eventually, you have to go through that silent period of not doing anything worthwhile; you have to find your escape. For me, it was binge-watching TV shows, smoking, and drinking beer. Very lady-like, I know. For you, it may be video games, random hookups, or sleeping. But that phase has to be shut down at some point. You cannot get too comfortable. You have to pick up your broken pieces and glue them up. How do you do that?

Express gratitude. For all the things you have so far. For all the things you’ve learned. For all the experiences you’ve gathered – all of them were a lesson. Your life situation is not your life. So focus on the positive. Focus on what you ALREADY have. Gratitude is extremely powerful, it’s what can get you out of those toxic loops. 

Move your body. It’s all about reaching the gym’s doorstep or some place in nature. Exercise is not the hard part as much as getting up from your bed and getting ready is. It’s all about making that first step.  Then you’ll love it. The more you do it, the more it hooks you up and before you know it, you feel great in your skin. Your body revitalizes, your skin hydrated, your sleep regular, tons of energy. No fatigue. Set up some achievable goals: 20 minutes of workout every day. It’s all about consistency. Remember, the body and the mind are interconnected. 

Dip your spoon into the honey. What I mean is dip your mind into that gold dust only books can offer. Self-help guides are the best option when you are struggling with a lack of motivation, stress, or anxiety; when you are at crossroads. Reading some inspiring real-life stories can also be helpful for you and can get you moving. There is something about books and their wisdom. ‘They are not like a friend’s advice. You don’t remember all the details,  but you draw the main point and it sticks with you. That main point that moved you on a deeper level can turn into your philosophy, your motto, and you can let it guide you. Give books a chance. Seriously. They point out to fresh perspectives and different angles. 

Start your own journal. Write down your ideas, your thoughts, your feelings. I forget a lot, so this has helped me stay in touch with myself.  You may not put all those ideas in motion, but put them down on paper so later on, you see how brilliant your creative mind can be if you just let it. Put down some reminders that feelings are not permanent, that they change. Don’t let them push you into doing something you’ll regret. Don’t give something so fleeting the power to govern your life. It takes practice, that’s why all those reminders will be there. 

Meet with friends. 

Do dumb sh*t. 

You’ll remember that the most, so have it in abundance. Laugh. Find all the little reasons to and then the big ones will follow without you even realizing it. 

I am sorry if I didn’t tell you anything you didn’t already know, but it’s the truth. Our lives are made up of these little simple things such as books, shopping, going out, movies, exercise, and music. And only those can get us out of our mess.

Your problems are not unique. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, baby, but it’s the truth. Millions and millions of people have had them, and so do you. You’ll get over them and you’ll be just fine.