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The coronavirus esports: how soon we will come back to the format of LAN tournaments


The coronavirus pandemic is slowing down. Sure, it is too early to state about the end of the world-scale problem but there are consolation predictions. Countries begin opening their borders, resume flights, renew sports competitions and scientists are close to the mass production of the vaccine.

This is nice news for the esports industry. Probably, we will be able to follow teams at big arenas soon but now, we will try to predict what tournaments will come back to the offline format

ESL One: Cologne 2020

ESL One: Cologne 2020 is the first one on our list. The tournament by ESL was supposed to take place in Cologne on July 10-13. As in June 2020, the pandemic situation is stable in Germany. The number of lethal cases reduces, the same thing can be said about the number of new cases.

It is too early to say that Germany has defeated COVID-10 but the dynamic reassures. ESL One: Cologne 2020 might become the first tournament to return professional teams to an arena. However, if the organizers decide to make LAN finals, it will be hosted with a limited number of viewers or even without them at all.

ESL Pro League Season 12

The situation with Cologne creates more questions than answers but the finals of ESL Pro League Season 12 are likely to be carried out in the offline format. The final stage of the 12th season of ESL Pro League is set to be held in November 2020. It is very possible that the situation with coronavirus will have stabilized by this time and we will be able to see teams live. If the dynamics remain the same in the European countries, we will have the finals in this region.

ESL One Rio 2020

The main CS:GO tournament of the year makes lots of questions. Many people guess if ESL risks and tries to host the full LAN final. Our opinion is that they will try. Considering the Brazilian policy regarding coronavirus, the country will return to the previous lifestyle in November 2020. The quarantine restrictions will be canceled and the South American fans will have an opportunity to enjoy the world championship at the Olympic stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

As we know how popular CS:GO is in Brazil, we can state confidently that ESL One Rio 2020 will take place in the standard offline format.

The International 2020

The main Dota 2 tournament of the year was postponed from August 2020 to the unknown date. TI might not be hosted in 2020. Of course, considering the Swedish COVID-19 policy, there are still chances but it is unlikely that Valve will take this risk.

But you should not be disappointed. The community understands clearly that Valve will not refuse from the LAN format of its main tournament. We are sure about that.

The date of the event is an interesting thing to discuss. Many predict that the winter The International. If TI20 is hosted in winter, Dota 2 fans might have two tournaments in The International series to be hosted within one year. It would be interesting to follow this esports holiday.


Everything faces its end later or sooner, the coronavirus pandemic is not an exception. We hope that we will return to the normal lifestyle very soon and enjoy the play of the favorite teams at stadiums. To make it happen faster, stay home, wash your hands more frequently, and pay attention to your health.