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Strong Immunity and Health is the Key to Beating Coronavirus


Boost your immune system, help your body fight and avoid getting infected by COVID 19 all together.

With close to 200,000 cases of coronavirus across the world and nearly 8,000 fatalities in a span of three months, this virus has proven highly contagious and threatens to become a virulent pandemic. While authorities and health care systems are trying to find a cure, the best way to protect ourselves is to boost our immune systems by eating healthy, exercising, and keeping our hands clean. Avoiding to get infected at all costs seems to be the best protection against COVID 19 at this time.

The question on everyone’s mind is how to build a strong immune system to remain safe from this potential pandemic? While travel restrictions and quarantine measures are being taken on a war footing, they are not foolproof. It is up to every individual to build their immunity to withstand the impact of this kind of virus. But how is that accomplished? Let’s find out.

Like most pandemics, Coronavirus should eventually die a natural death. The faster people boost their natural immunity the quicker COVID 19 will become a distant memory. One sure way to become strong and boost natural immunity is by consuming plant-based supplements, such as moringa powder, says experts at Abe’s Organics, a leading manufacturer of organic moringa powder. So, till researchers develop a vaccine against such viruses, we need to take care of our health by enhancing the body’s ability to fight infections and viruses. Although this isn’t a cure for coronavirus, it’s the best thing we can do to curb the pandemic. A strong immune system offers 2 fold benefits against coronavirus, first it helps the body ward off the infection all together by rejecting the virus before it can establish itself in the body; second, in case the body does get infected, it helps it recover from the infection and avoid more serious complications.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has noted that most people who get infected with Covid 19 experience mild illness and recover after 11 days, it can be more severe, even fatal for others. The mortality rate is about 2% at this time, mostly elderly, infants and people with a compromised immune system. Although this may not sound like an alarming rate, every person that gets infected with coronavirus will invariably infect others. Here are some tips to boost your immune system naturally to ward off infections:

Wash your Hands All the time

The CDC and World Health Organization report that COVID 19 can live on surfaces like metal and plastic for up to 9 days. Touching an infected surface and then touching the mouth, eyes or nose can result in a coronavirus infection. When outside of your house, consider all surfaces as if they are infected. Avoid touching your face unless you have just washed or sanitized your hands. If possible carry hand sanitizer with you at all times and use it often.

Keep your Distance

Covid 19 is also airborne. If an infected person coughs, sneezes or even breaths near another person, the virus can be transmitted just by breathing in the air expelled by the infected person. Keep a safe social distance whenever you are in public. If possible wear a work mask that is used by construction workers. These are the kind of masks that are effective against coronavirus.

Don’t Go to the Doctor Unless you Really Have to

People panic and rush to the doctor as soon as they feel a little sick. For this reason, doctor offices are overwhelmed with patients. There are long waits. Sitting in a waiting room with other sick people could result in a coronavirus infection. Anyone who is experiencing symptoms should quarantine themselves at home for a few days. The coronavirus incubation period is believed to be around 4 days.  Only proceed to the doctor if there are symptoms of Covid 19. If you are experiencing fever with cough and other symptoms you should proceed to the doctor. If you just feel like you have a flu, maybe it’s best to stay at home and avoid contracting coronavirus in the doctor’s waiting room. Avoiding the doctor unless there are serious symptoms is also the sensible thing to do allowing the doctor to help other patients who may have a more serious condition. At this time there is no cure for coronavirus, all the doctor can do is send you to be tested and quarantine those people who test positive for coronavirus.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Our lifestyle plays an important role in determining the health of our body. So, eat healthy, exercise regularly, stay away from smoking and alcohol and maintain a healthy weight. Adequate sleep and a regular schedule are important for a healthy lifestyle. Eating 70% fruit and vegetables + exercising at least 30 minutes per day should be top priority. Focus on that, you will notice changes in your overall health within days, the health benefits will keep increasing.

Check for Natural Immune Boosters

Nature is full of substances that are capable of strengthening our immune system by raising the quantity and quality of white blood cells. Also, organic fruits and vegetables are full of necessary vitamins and minerals needed to boost our immune system. One supplement that offers not one but several immune boosting nutrients is moringa pills.

Use Natural Supplements for Kids and Older People

The two categories of people who are most susceptible to viruses are young children and adults with a weak immune system. Regular exercise may be difficult for them and some of them may even find it difficult to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. In such cases, it is advisable to check for natural supplements, such as organic moringa powder, which is made of all natural ingredients and has no adverse side effects.

Be Happy and Don’t Let Stress Kill You

Stress is one of the biggest causes of a weak immune system and as psychologists say, a person’s state of mind determines their state of health. Unless handled well, stress can be catastrophic and lead to serious health issues.

Protect yourself by adhering to a healthy lifestyle, consuming lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and adding natural supplements to your diet, such as organic moringa powder or pills.