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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wax Pens


Vaping has become a new trend. While beginners take mild doses of vaping liquid or cartridges, many experienced vapers use more concentrated doses, taking their vaping experience to the next level. So, for all those next-level grown-ups comes wax pen. Even though you are vaping for medicinal purposes not just for fun, the wax pen is essential when it comes to taking high doses of marijuana or cannabis oil.

To help so many of my friends out there in selecting a perfect dab wax pen, I have defined certain things which are prerequisites to buying an ideal dab wax pen.

First of all, you must know that the market offers different makes of dab pen and each is used for calling different fluids or a mix of fluids. Before we set out guidelines for buying a dab pen, you must clear your concepts on what a bad or wax is?  A dab or wax is a concentrated mixture of extracts from botanical plants that are used as a vaping material. Therefore a dab pen is used to vaporize waxes and some CBD oils as well.

Underlined are some essential things you should know before buying a good dab pen

  1. The foremost thing you must pay attention to is the kind of dab or concentrate you want to use or vaporize. Not every wax pen is made for using any concentrate. So you have to choose the one made especially to vape the focus you wish to use.
  2. Another important aspect is the battery life of the pen. These wax pens are electronically operated either with batteries or by charging. If you vape only once or twice, the battery life is not a significant concern, but if you are a thick vapor, then you have to take this factor into account before you buy it.
  3. Size does matters, especially for those who are on the go. Frequent travelers face a lot of difficulties when they don’t get to vape while they are traveling. The probability or mobility of a wax pen will depend upon its size. So before your purchase a dab pen, you should see that the scale is adequate to fit your travel baggage or is easy to carry.
  4. The quality of material used to make the body of the pen is another critical factor. These dab pens are not available in different qualities, but a good one lasts longer and gives a better vaping experience. Try buying the best quality pen for the best vaping experience.
  5. Dab pen comes in a wide range, from low priced to expensive ones. If you are a die-hard lover of vaping and budget is not your concern, try out the handcrafted dab wax pens. But if you are worried about your budget, the market also offers plenty of options that you can search on the internet.

Hopefully, you would have understood the requirements for purchasing a good wax vape pen. Try reading out the reviews from actual users over the internet about the best dab wax pens; they can also be useful in determining which make you can buy.