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The Universe Will Never Give You More Than You Can Handle: Trust Its Flow


Sometimes I think of hardships as entwined on a gyre. Sometimes that gyre is tightened up and there is no loose end, but sometimes the gyre loosens up and goes out of control. The loose end drops and so do the problems on top of your head. You feel like spinning in circles with your hardships and challenges, and you feel exhausted from dealing with the same stuff repeatedly.

But you know what? It’s a phase. Because nothing is permanent. Feelings are like summer flings, transient. Don’t hold on to them, it’s like holding on to the wind. Can you touch the wind? Can you see the wind? No, you can only feel it. Well, it’s the same with feelings, my friend. Just like the wind, they will pass. The heat of the moment makes us angry or hurt, but know this: if you let a few days pass by, your perspective will change and you will see things clearer. 

I often think about happiness and suffering. And you know what? They are optional. Yes, you have hardships and obstacles in life, but it’s up to you whether you will take them in stride or let them crush you. 

Trust in your God, trust in the Universe – they cannot give you more than you can deal with. They give you enough, just so you toughen up and appreciate life a lot more. Just so you don’t get tired of happiness and you don’t take it for granted. 

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Yes, there will be uphills in life, but you decide how you react to them. You decide how they impact your life. So have faith. Trust in your purpose, trust in your journey. Trust in the divine help from above. 

Change your perspective. Once you think of hardships as milestones, they cannot influence you as much. After all, they are something that comes along – like happiness, like joy, like adventures. They are not optional, but happiness and suffering are. 

You have the power in your hands, darling. Use it well.