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These 2 Ladies Celebrated Their 30-Year Friendversary By Getting Cute Tattoos Of What They Both Enjoy


They say friendship is the purest form of love. And I agree. There’s nothing more genuine than the connection between two people who share similar visions, dreams, fears, and passions. They also say that if a friendship lasts more than 7 years, then you are no longer just friends, you are family.

Well, this story is proof of that.

These 2 lovely ladies from Brazil have been friends their entire lives and a few months ago they celebrated their 30-year friendiversary.

However, instead of going to a usual date, looking at some old photos, reviving old memories and taking pictures of themselves, they decided to give each other some really memorable gifts. The gifts didn’t include jewelry, flowers, or books. They were something much bolder and much more adventurous.

The ladies decided to get tattooed. And so, they did!

They went to the local tattoo artist and got two, lovely, minimal, matching tattoos on their arms. The tattoos were two smiling beers holding hands. Their families couldn’t resist the cuteness of these two best friends, so they shared a photo of them posing next to one another.


They said that the tattoo they chose actually symbolizes the things that they both enjoy. Having a nice conversation over a glass full of beer.

I mean! Is there anything you would rather do with your best girl?

Bravo, ladies! You are my definition of friendship goals! Considering that we live in a world of lost values, it is really refreshing to see that there are still friendships like this. It is definitely not easy to take care of a relationship for so many years. But when the connection is real, there is nothing that you can’t do!

I wish you an entire life of love, mutual understanding, and joy.

Don’t forget to share this story with your best friends and remind them how much they mean to you!