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What Your Tattoo Placement on Your Body Says About Your Personality

Tattoo Placement on Your Body Says About Your Personality

Every tattoo represents a symbol – of a personal experience, story, or feeling. However, it turns out that there is symbolism in the placement of the tattoo, as well. The tattoo placement says a lot about the person. 

What Your Tattoo Says About You– Tattoo Placement Meaning

Every tattoo has its meaning. Whether it’s about a person, a memory, or a feeling, it is something that a person wants to keep forever. In other words, it is visual proof that a person, a situation, or a feeling really happened and that person wants to cherish the memory for as long as they live

Just like any piece of clothing or hairstyle, a tattoo reveals something about the character of its wearer because it is always there, and it is a part of the person wearing it. Therefore, its font, text, placement, picture, color, style… everything has a meaning in itself.

Choosing the left arm or right arm tattoo, the arm, or the back is not completely a random choice, but it has meaning by itself. 

What Is The Meaning Of  Tattoos On The Body?

People have used tattoos for their symbolism and she agrees that people should really think about the tattoo placement meaning before they ink themselves. Pate also agrees that the placement influences the whole meaning of the tattoo.

Thus, many people think that tattoos on the left side are more meaningful to the individual because the heart is on the left side of the body. And placement really plays a big role in the meaning and influence.

What Tattoos Say About A Person And Tattoo Placement – Meaning

When we spot a tattoo on someone else’s skin, our first thought usually is “what does it mean?” So, if we ask the person wearing it, they will probably provide us with the answer of the meaning behind the skin art.

However, the tattoo placement also carries a meaning. And in some cases, it has a lot more to tell about a person than the shape of the tattoo. Moreover, other people will quickly tell you to be careful what you tattoo on your skin because that will stay with you forever, but they don’t tell you to be careful where you put the tattoo because the place carries a deep meaning as well and reveals a lot about a person’s character.

Here’s What The Placement Of A Tattoo Actually Means:

Tattoo Placement Meaning of Forearms Tattoo

A forearm tattoo, unlike an upper arm tattoo which can be hidden, can only be hidden by long sleeves. This means that a person having a forearm tattoo is very confident and likes to be the center of attention. It is also a good place for showing the art of the tattoo because it is easy to see.

A serious tattoo on the forearm says that the person is strong and tough. If the tattoo is sweet and girly, it means that the person might look tough on the outside, but they’re really emotional deep inside.

This place has become a favorite for both men and women recently. Many get a tattoo there to stress their toned muscles.

Tattoo Placement Meaning of Neck Tattoo

Neck Tattoo

If the tattoo is placed at the front of the neck, it means that the person is tough and open for everyone. This tattoo will always be noticed and it isn’t usually covered, so it brings attention and the person knows it.

The nape of the neck is a popular place for girls who want to hide it with their hair whenever they want and expose it when they want. They want the freedom to change their opinion and get away without the consequences.

However, a tattoo on the lower back side of the neck has a different symbolism. It shows that the person is risky and not afraid to make brave choices.

The skin in this area is very sensitive and tattooing this part is very painful. Also, the neck is usually exposed (if you don’t have long hair), so the person is aware that the tattoo will be exposed.

Tattoo Placement Meaning of Behind The Ear Tattoo

These tattoos tend to be sweet and small, often hidden and not too much exposed. People with a tattoo behind the ear are free spirits. However, they are careful not to be too exposed. They want to show it off, but also want to have the choice to hide it if they want to.

And because the ears serve us for hearing, many tattoo artists say that this particular space is chosen by people for commemorating music, animals, or people they love dearly. Therefore, tattoos of musical notes can often be seen in this position, behind the ear.

Moreover, people with a tattoo behind the ear are thought to be most ‘outgoing, hippie, and fun-loving.’ They don’t have trouble speaking their mind and expressing their desires. Plus, they never regret the choices they make in life. They always follow their intuition and their heart and that’s why they are rarely mistaken.

Tattoo Placement Meaning of Back Tattoo

Tattoos on the back are perceived as a somewhat low-key because they can’t be easily seen. Just like the back is supporting our body, the tattoo on the back symbolizes our foundation, the stability we have in our lives.

The lower back tattoo says confident and sensually aware girl. Girls who have this tattoo are feminine, but they often regret getting it later.

When it comes to men, the guy with a back tattoo is probably always exercising and he is confident about himself since the only way to show his tattoo is going shirtless.

These guys are often so confident that they will always love themselves more than any girl. Depending on the part of the back, some people choose it to have a tattoo when they end an important phase in their life.

Tattoo Placement Meaning of Chest Tattoo

Depending on the size, this tattoo placement represents a symbol of something really important to the individual. The large tattoo close to the heart means the tattoo symbolizes something dear to the person.

Something small symbolizes a life event that ended and left an impact on the person. Men with chest tattoos are also confident. This placement has a different meaning when it comes to women. A chest tattoo on a girl represents a symbol of love and it often has a romantic meaning.

This placement has a different meaning when it comes to women. A chest tattoo on a girl represents a symbol of love and it often has a romantic meaning symbolizing someone she carries deep within her heart.

Tattoo Placement Meaning of Thigh Tattoo

The thigh tattoo usually has a sentimental value. It’s also mysterious because this part is not usually exposed and the person can choose when to show it. This placement also means that the person is fashionable because it’s a trendy placement. It will soon become a typical tattoo placement, though.

This placement also means that the person is fashionable because it’s a trendy placement. It will soon become a typical tattoo placement, though.

The person wearing a thigh tattoo can be also very sexual, as this tattoo is one of the most sexually alluring. Plus, the fact that this tattoo is fairly hidden is additionally more intriguing and mysterious which makes the person wearing it more attractive.

Tattoo Placement Meaning of Wrists Tattoo

These tattoos are thought to be most sensitive and not only because of the fact that this is one of the most painful spots but also because people who have experienced the worst kind of pain tend to feel it on their wrists. Why? Because the wrists are symbols of the pain a person goes through because they are the parts of the body when people most often decide to self-harm themselves.

And some people are using tattoos on their wrists to hide their scars and to have a testimony about what they have gone through and survived. Wrist tattoos are especially typical of people going through depression and that’s why they are the most profound of them all.  This tattoo can be defined as “it is what it is” tattoo.

Girls usually choose wrists for a tattoo. They are girls who want to be different and have a “unique” tattoo but are not bold enough to have a larger tattoo that is more visible. However, they will use every moment to show it off – on pictures or by playing with the hair.

Tattoo Placement Meaning of Arms Tattoo

Arms Tattoo

The meaning depends on the size of the tattoo.

The meaning of this kind of tattoo can be very diverse. A person who has a small tattoo on their upper arm is thought to be cautious and wild at the same time.

Half sleeve means the guy wants to have a career, but also show his creativity. When the guy has a full sleeve, he is probably not trying to have a typical job or career, but rather tries to live by his own rules.

All in all, people with tattoos on their arms are people who are very confident and self-assured. They want to show off their tattoo and they don’t mind being at the center of attention.

Tattoo Placement Meaning of Feet/Ankles Tattoo

Usually, the person who chooses this part for a tattoo must really love their feet and wants to show them off. However, they are also not so exposed, so this person might also be mysterious or introverted.

This place for a tattoo also indicates that a person may be shy and doesn’t want to bring much attention to themselves. Also, this area is a chosen spot for people who have lost someone in order to commemorate the death of a loved one. And this spot is the favorite one for introverts.

Tattoo Placement Meaning of Calves Tattoo

Calves tattoos are commonly seen on athletes because for them this tattoo is easy to show off because they are often wearing shorts. So, everyone can see their art while they are going for a run, playing tennis, shooting hoops, or exercising.

Men have calves tattoos more often than girls. These guys are usually practicing some sport or they’re exercising. They will use every chance to show off their calves because of their tattoo.

This tattoo just like the ribcage tattoo can be bigger because of the size of the space, therefore it can be deeper, and tell an intricate and emotional story about the person wearing it.

Tattoo Placement Meaning of Fingers Tattoo

Finger tattoos are not so common, so the person having it is probably unique, but also futuristic. They are bold because they are not afraid to show off their tattoo even in their professional life.

A person with finger tattoos is someone who is very concise and forward. Why? Because with that little limited space, they are able to carry a deep message. Oftentimes, there is one word spelled on the fingers or there is one small picture, but the message they carry can be one of the thousands of words.

Tattoo Placement Meaning of Ribcage Tattoo

People with ribcage tattoos are one of the bravest and strongest and most resilient to pain because this tattoo is the most painful one as the ribcage area is extremely sensitive. If a person decides to get a tattoo on their ribcage it means that they are very confident and strong. Also, any tattoo on this area can carry a very deep message.

Girls who have a tattoo on their ribcage are artistic and sensitive. They’re also brave and confident about their bodies since they are always in bikinis and show off their tattoo in every photo.

What Tattoos Say About A Person

People who have tattoos are:


Because it takes strength and courage to endure the pain of getting ink under your skin. That’s why people with tattoos are thought to be physically resilient and fearless because they consciously put themselves through pain. Plus, the judgment they sometimes experience stands for their emotional resilience as well.


A tattoo is for life. Therefore, the person who gets a tattoo commits to wearing it for the rest of their life. This also speaks about their approach to relationships with other people i.e they are committed and faithful to the people they are close with.


They believe in themselves and they know themselves so well because of all tattoos in the world they know exactly which one they want. Plus, they wear it confidently and proudly because it speaks about them and their character.


People with tattoos are constantly dealing with a lot of criticism coming their way. So, it takes a lot of understanding and empathy on their part not to lash out at anyone who speaks ill of them.


People who have tattoos are knowledgeable of all the different meanings of the symbols that tattoos carry. They are very deep and intuitive and they can understand the meaning of a tattoo the moment they see it, and even if the tattoo seems ordinary, they can find the deeper meaning in it.


There is always something fascinating about people with tattoos. It’s like you know that there is something about them, something that is hidden, some truth that they are telling through their tattoo.


They appreciate the beauty in all shapes and forms. They can spot beauty in every person and find something good in them just as they can find beautiful a tattoo that may look hideous to other people.


These people are anything but ordinary. They are very creative souls. And that’s why they are often misunderstood by others. However, their uniqueness is what makes this world a beautiful place to live in.

What Tattoos DOESN’T Say About A Person

  • That they are uneducated, poor, or “low class;”
  • That they are criminal, religious zealot, a sailor, a prisoner, or in the military;
  • That they are promiscuous and always horny;
  • That they are unprofessional and therefore unemployable;
  • That they are threatening and rebellious;
  • That they are impulsive, reckless, and immature.

Why Do People Get Tattoos?

People get tattoos for various reasons. They get them for self-expressing themselves, for showing off their rebellious side, for attention, for artistic freedom, for motivation, for a reminder of an event or a person, for commemorating a loved one who passed away, for love, for impulsiveness, or even because they are addicted to them.

All in all, tattoos are a very nice way of telling your story and showing your creative side.

What Your Tattoo Placement on Your Body Says About Your Personality